Hi there, Welcome!

First, I want to be upfront and tell you straight up my intentions for people who join me as a business builder.

#1: I want to massively impact your life for good.
#2: I want to help you make as much money as you possibly can.
#3: I want to teach you how to reach as many lives as possible.

If these things happen, our world becomes a better place, because there is more — more change, more financial resources, and more good flowing for everyone.

This is why I want to offer you a $1495 Scholarship for learning my business model and why I won’t hold anything back, and even plan to INVEST in you.  
(yes, I do mean invest with time and money.)

If you are interested in that scholarship, please click HERE to see what it contains and contact me directly.

So…You might be wondering how I got started in essential oils. My story is a little uncommon. 

In 2012,  I was helping wellness businesses develop their own programs and market and sell them online.

I loved the work I was doing. I had great clients and I was making more money than I had ever dreamed of, but … almost no one knew I was suffering terribly from post traumatic stress due to childhood trauma.

I was mostly silent about this issue and trying to handle it on my own.

My life was beyond my wildest dreams.  I had a great husband, four amazing kids and a thriving business, but I felt so awful inside, and I was struggling to make it through each day.  I was constantly fighting emotional pain, low energy, and anxiety.

One day a friend sent me a box of essential oils and I literally said out loud, “This is weird.”
Then I opened one of the bottles and the aroma of fresh oranges filled the air. My low spirits lifted immediately and right then and there I was hooked.  If something so small could help me feel this good, I needed it!

I signed up for the monthly purchasing program and for the next year I used oils religiously.  I craved them like oxygen and began to count on them for so many things — sleep, high energy, immunity, emotional balance, and staying calm to I make it through my life day by day.

The more I researched oils, the more I found.  They could literally do thousands of things!

*Cellular function
*Digestive support
*Boost metabolism
*Release heavy emotions
*Clear breathing
*Cooking, cleaning, detox
*Healthy Skin

I looked forward to my order arriving every month.  We started using vitamins, hair care, skin care, all the products were toxin free, high quality and creating a long last a wellness environment for me and my family.

About a year later, I was upstairs in my house — I still remember where I was standing —
and the Voice of Inspiration spoke to me and said, “Sell essential oils.”

“How?” I wondered, but I decided to take action on the prompting, even though I didn’t know the answer.

The next week I called my coaching clients and shared with them how much the oils had done for me and I offered them essential oil kit options along with coaching packages from me.
I enrolled about 25 people during the next few months and then simply went back to the world I knew–business coaching.

A few months later, checks were still rolling in from dōTERRA even though I wasn’t selling oils at the time.

First $100, then $200, then $400.  I called it “mad shoe money” back then because extra surprise spending money showed up in my mailbox each month.

When a $764 check arrived, I was so intrigued, I called my friend who had recently started the dōterra business to ask her what in the world was going on with this company.  She told me how fast the oil business was growing and how many people’s lives it was changing. I soon realized checks were coming to me because the people I had enrolled were still buying oils and recruiting other people.  They loved the products like I did — that was obvious.
I decided to give the business a try for two reasons.

First, the oils had done so much for me and I knew that it was going to work.  They had changed my life and I wanted to be involved in something that would do the same for others.  If other people loved them half as much as I did, they would keep buying.

Secondly, I wanted to be a part of a larger community. I had been in business for myself all this time and I worked hard–really hard for everything I had.  If I ever took time off, my income would stop immediately.  I craved support, help from a community, and a secure financial future I could count on.

Shortly after my commitment to build the business, I rose to the top ranks of the company and I never looked back.

In 2015, my husband David sold his dental practice and began to build dōTERRA with me as a joint partner and now my kids have both parents at home full time who build a life mission around our family and we’ve never been happier!

Today, we are at the tippy top of the company and we sell $25 million a year in 35 countries and we make $600+ a year and growing.

It all started when a single drop of orange oil lifted the weary spirits of a struggling woman.
I am blown away by what the oils have done for me, my family and so many people we know.
That’s why I am so excited to share them with other people.

There are over 80 different oils and 70 different wellness products and thousands of ways to use essential oils and the possibilities are endless.

Chiropractors, dentists, nurses, moms & dads, massage therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, school teachers, bloggers, sales clerks, mail carriers — people EVERYWHERE in every profession find that essential oils go right along with what they are doing.

If you have cells, you can use essential oils.

That’s very exciting for those of us in the business, because there are so many ways we can educate people and earn income.

Because of my business background, I have solid experience in marketing and sales.  Before I started dōTERRA, I sold tons of products and programs and have continued to product income with selling products online other than just doTERRA.  I’m current and up to speed on what’s working today.

When we combine marketing and sales techniques with a powerful product like essential oils, we find UNLIMITED possibilities.  

You can do it — and be successful.

My husband, Dr. David Madder, and I are looking for a few good people to work with and mentor directly.

Here are the criteria:
1. You’re a people person.  (Relationships is our true business!)
2. You’re a creative thinker & self starter.  (You have passion to move.)
3. Buying products monthly isn’t a problem for you (which means it’s easy to share with others.)

You’ll notice that one of the criteria is not knowledge about oils themselves and here’s the reason: It’s easy to learn about oils and the information is everywhere.  You’ll be up to your ears in product education options in a few minutes of arriving.

What we really want — is passion and people skills!

If you’re you’re interested in having us teach you everything we know about how to make real money with an essential oils business and receiving mentoring directly from us….

Contact me directly at admin@heathermadder.com and ask about my business builder scholarships!

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