The Need for Adventure

Hiking pic
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This has been a most memorable season bursting with happiness and positive changes ☀️ I’ve been firm on scheduling adventures in nature alongside a bustling family and growing business and it’s brought deep peace and powerful transformation, like soul level stuff. (This pic was on Chetaqua Peak in Boulder, Colorado. You can see these adventures on Instagram at #hmtrailreflections)

Also, my business has been profoundly blessed with new life & inspired ?energized leadership. I am so so thankful for this and ironically, it occurred after total surrender to God and the ‘process of things’ and letting go of all attachments in pursuit of holistic living at level that left nothing out and reached each and every aspiration.

Ahh, deep breath :)) Peace — is that. true. place of arriving (not achievement, lol.)

Today is the day for life to begin for anyone who wants that. ?

Anything can change at any moment. The most important things are to live with an open heart and beginners mind, always seeking that part of the universe that you don’t know yet ? open to the adventures that are yours to have and the prosperity that WANTS you. We came from the cosmos, there is so much to who we are that is waiting to be discovered. Every day is a gift, let go, open up and just go for it. xo

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