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God Is On My Side


God gave us an earth that was unfinished so we could work with what’s here and in the process know our powers as CREATORS.

I know of nothing else (except parenthood) that shows us how strong, capable and un-bendable we are inside.

Your goals want you as much as you want them.

The universe has your back.

Things are working for your good, even your so called, “set backs.”

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What Is It Time To Let Go Of?


When you accelerate your speed, you have to let go of things that are too heavy to work anymore, like…

**Not taking time to rest & take care of yourself.

**Thinking you’re not worthy of success you’re achieving.

**Trying to be perfect all the time & constant “image management.” (poison)

**Not being honest about what you think and feel.

**Pushing yourself beyond healthy breakdown into terminal breakdown.

**Other people’s problems that don’t belong to you.

**Continuing to think about and carry the past.

What you let go of, is just as important as what YOU HOLD onto.

Breathe in and make some changes.

You get to be as “LIGHT” as you can, to keep moving and ever evolving.

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I Approve of Myself


Get Bright Lights Daily! HeatherMadder.com/daily-bright-lights/

Everyday, you are creating your life according to your deepest beliefs. The more you allow these “I am” beliefs into your mind, the more they will take root in your life.

A must have arsenal in your skill sets.


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What Truth Are You Here to Speak?


It’s scary for me to tell the truth to people sometimes. When I scan their lives, or business structures, I can see what needs to change and it’s my ‘job’ to tell them, but there’s this little part of me that wonders if they are going to be hurt or leave & not come back?

I’m there to help them so I do it anyway. Unless things change, they won’t get better.

I’ve found that giving feedback with pure intent of “I care about you and I’m here to help you,” wrapped around it is much more well received than, “You’re doing this wrong.”

It makes it easier to say and easier to HEAR. These things aren’t personal, they’re just functional facts.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare me a little.
Honestly, it does every single time.

Saying hard things is risky business.

Being silent is riskier.

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Remembering Ourselves to Love

Remembering Ourselves to Love

One Sunday, I was late for my church meeting because I was coaching a friend through a major life decision. I sat outside the building and I wondered if I should still go in. There was about 5 minutes left. I had the feeling that I should and I opened the door, dismissing the thoughts of lateness and awkwardness.

When I sat down, I heard the speaker say, “We are here to mourn with those that mourn and bear one another’s burdens.”

Interesting, I thought. Relevant. I missed most of church, because I had just been doing that very thing.

As I listened further, she said                                                                                                                   “As WE serve other people, we learn to love like God.”

I could feel those words resonate down to my toes.

I sat and reflected on all the times people had let me into their lives.They will tell me about the affair, the addiction, the abuse, or their deepest insecurities.

Often, they have been playing the part, or putting on a show for others, but sometimes within a few minutes of meeting me, they will open their core container and spill it’s messy contents.

And I listen.

Somehow God has given me complete love and openness and literally erased all reactions of judgment from my mind.

I did not come to the earth with this gift, as I was quite the bitch in my twenties ready to hammer every living thing with a label.

As I grew up, I asked to love and accept others and He said yes.

When other people see “mistakes” I see a person who is suffering and on an important journey of learning more.

When other people say, “They shouldn’t have done that,” I see someone doing the best they can with what they knew and ready to create a new experience.

I am still a student learning how God loves us. I ask for His love everyday to be shared with me so that I can spread it to others, and I move along at this at my own pace.

What I know is that the “natural mind” is the enemy to this love.

The mind is separation. The mind is a constant spin cycle that the stirs up thoughts of people, and judgments about their lives and the stories we tell and re-tell and fragments the human race into 7 billion separate units.

In the place of “no thought,” total simplicity comes forward.

When I coach with people, I practice “whole body listening.”

I listen with ALL of who I am, which allows me to receive another person with a more mature, more spiritual view.

The immature mind would cut up their life and current decisions into “good or bad,” but whole body listening is to receive ALL of who they are with Grandfather-style wisdom.

It sees ‘mistakes” as experiences and a temporary stage, not a representation of who they are.

The practice of true listening connects us to inner knowing.

Inner knowing is connected to God.

Buddhists call this, “beginner’s mind.”

Beginners mind is to look at someone so fresh and so new, that there is a clear space to receive the truth of their divinity.

In Christianity, this is Charity, or unconditional love.

Unconditional love is an energy of Unity, coming from God, living through everysingle living being, walking on the street in freedom, or waiting on death row,connecting us all to each other, and to our One Creator.

You and I cannot escape from this reality.

No matter how many stories we tell to each other (or tell about each one another), we all share the same heart source.

We’re from the same family, thrown together in an earth-sized blender, scrambled around in every possible scenario, recalling some days, and other days, totally forgetting the reason we’ve been put here together…


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Grace and Hustle

Grace and Hustle

(How I Let Go and Finally Arrived) It’s no secret to people who know me that there are two distinct parts of my personality that set up camp opposite each other. There’s the warrior-like business bomber on one side and the Zen-mamma spiritual healer on the other. They switchback and forth throughout the week like a ping-pong ball in a high-speed match. I love meditation and internet marketing as equal children.

I love sitting on my couch drinking one single cup of tea for an entire evening dressed in a robe then swaddled in a blanket as much as I love getting 3 days of projects done in 24 hours. We never know which side is coming to down to breakfast or if the same one will still be there at dinner. What we do know, is that each part gets enough play time to make a happy life made of many things, especially variety.

But for about a three month stint the warrior side staged a take-over and injected consistent bouts of serious hustle into my schedule…goals, lists, and projects all with a certain end game in mind.

In the middle of month three, I could do it no longer. I fell face first into a prayer and expressed my heart to the Powers at be. “ I have done all I can do here and we’re still not there. I’m exhausted. My brain hurts, my cells are tired. I am turning this over to you. Tell me what’s next.”

Let go.

That was the answer and it’s often the answer for a LOT of things we are pushing too hard to achieve, but it’s not that easy to do when you’re huffing down cell phone minutes like a life-line.

Just to be sure I had it right, I prayed again a few days later and I got the same answer.

Let go.

“Well, I’m too tired to consider any other options, so here, have the phone—it’s out of data, anyway.” I found a couch and a blanket and some good meditation music and delivered the rest of the attachments over to Him that evening.

And here’s how it went after that…

For three months, it was hustle, hustle, hustle and we inched along.

Then. One. Gust. of Grace blew in…and we breezed into the finish line two weeks later.

(I’m a child.) Or maaybe —

after ALL we can do, or AS we are doing what we can, we get the grace.

Perhaps all sides of this work together.

Hustle, then let go…                                                                                                                                 And allow grace do it’s job. It’s always a smoother ride up there anyway.

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Thankful for this Moment

thankful for this moment

Last week my meditation teacher (& spiritual mentor) came to my house for our session and told me, “You’re always trying to get somewhere and your inability to fully appreciate this moment is why you have some of the dis-ease you’ve been telling me about.” I said, “Get out of my house.”

I laughed. He laughed too, because he knew I was joking. I was using humor to deflect momentarily from the fact that HE WAS RIGHT. Again. Then I said, “Well, if I just build my business a little, tiny, bit bigger (imagine me pressing my fingers to the size of an inch in the air) “I think I’ll finally be satisfied and feel that I’ve arrived. He smiled. Another joke.

I like his sense of humor and he likes the fact that I investigate every suggestion and consider it might be true.

I made this picture as a reminder and I admit, after our little chat I was definitely more mindful. I had moved appreciation to the forefront of my attention and I admit, a few times this week, I’ve fallen into a river of gratitude so deep, I thought to myself, “I have all have ever wanted and more.”

And joy was gushing.

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Commit to Love Yourself


When you think you’re not doing enough, it’s because you’re not looking at WHAT YOU–ARE–DOING.

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When you get to a certain level of a JOY awareness, you start to fix things that for years, you didn’t have any clue were broken.

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How to Get From Pain to Peace


All of the places we feel PAIN,
Are the places something NEW is ready to open up for us.

Pain is a signal that something is not yet aligned.

For example, when someone feels sad, the emotion signifies a “loss” or a disconnect of something we value.

Instead of sitting in the hole of that loss, which leads to despair, you can sit IN FRONT of it and say, “I feel that something is missing for me right in this place. Now, I know what to go out and create for myself.”

There’s a big difference between being with the experience of an emotion, and falling down inside of it.

Emotions can be intense.
Watch out for them.

They are just forms of energy…

Energy in motion, or E-motion.

It’s not the energy that’s the issue, it’s THE STORIES WE TELL to ourselves when we feel it, that get us stuck.

Don’t believe the stories of “I can’t, or I’m not loved.”

There is no e-motion, no matter how intense, that does not have a DIRECT EXIT to lifelong change immediately.

Feeling pain can progress you forward.

Pain is a compass.

How else would you know WHAT YOU ARE to BUILD for yourself?


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