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I Have All The Tools I Need To Succeed


If you’re creating big goals, but you never seem to get there, try this…
Instead of changing your whole life in one day, try changing your life DAY by DAY, because small steps, over time, create huge results.

For example, you don’t have to quit your day job to write your book. Instead, create a one hour window each day and do the most productive things with the hour you have.

When you make something too big, you put psychological weight on it and people avoid things that feel heavy to them (even they we want what it contains.)

Yes, you do want an overall vision, but nearly all of your focus is going to be spent on the daily steps.

When I am coaching my team, I ask this question at the end of our sessions: “What’s your Top 3?”

The Top 3 are the MOST PRODUCTIVE next-step actions that are going to get them where they want to go.

There’s a lot more about this very thing on my webinar >> How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals in 60 Days!

We cover a lot of ground in our calls together and I want TOP 3 to be fresh in their brain, so right when they hang up the phone, they have laser focus on the most productive tasks first.

A healthy business (and a healthy life, body, marriage, anything…)
comes from executing the Right Steps, with High Efficiently, Over time.

So, if you want to eat healthier, you might not want to go full-fledged organic over the weekend and throw out all the bread. It’s too much.

Eating healthier begins with one single decision in the morning to choose an apple instead of a doughnut for breakfast.

That one small decision leads to a workout at the gym to keep it going.

You have absorbed the feeling of being “healthy” so you flow to the actions.

Small steps get you close to the FEELING of something.
The feeling of something gets you into the motions.

Some people believe that if they can’t pull out scriptures and read for 30 minutes in the morning, they’ve ruined their connection with God for the day.

But five deep grounding breaths can get you tuned in.
Hey, one half breath can do it if you’re really focused.

Sometimes we get the idea that we need these huge swaths of time for our goals, but what we need are small consistent swatches of attention.

EXPEDIENCE is a heavenly principle.

It means hitting the target.
It is doing the ‘exact amount’ with high accuracy.

If you never get around to doing what you want, maybe you made it too heavy.

Or you have planned to do more than is necessary.

Ask: What are the steps for *me* amount needed to accomplish this,
and just DO THAT.

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My Space


I’m obsessed with high vibe, beautiful, calm spaces that feel AMAZING to be in.

So, here’s “the couch” in my office and the place where I sit until I am in my highest self.

I literally won’t plan my day, train my team, make decisions, or resolve conflict until I’m in my “highest self.” It’s a time for reflection or maybe, on occasion, a time out for grown ups, haha!

Each of these numbers represents a purposeful thing that brings high energy, every element is created with a purpose

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Biz Tip: Stay Inside Your Boundaries


From thousands of hours of coaching, it seems that nearly all business/relational conflicts come down to boundary issues.

“What is my part?”
“What is your part?

Do what’s yours.

Do it with clarity, and pure intent and don’t own what isn’t yours (and don’t apologize)

More to come later..

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How to Grow Up with Your Business


When you want to run a successful business YOU have to grow up with it.

You get to face every fear you have. All your insecurities rush forward. Your jealousy and blame patterns come to greet you & everyone who talks to you.

Your results reveal themselves clearly in black numbers on white screens.

Business is the best way to grow into your own fullest POWER and CAPACITY.

It is the great reflector of yourself, 2nd only to parenting.

If you suck at it, you know, because the zeros will tell you, and they can’t be ignored.

When YOU EXPAND, you’ll see it right away, because the growth will reflect that change in the balance sheets.

Every day your business asks you the same question: WHO do you want to be today?

And tomorrow, it will show you how you answered.

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Be the Leader Within

leader within

Everyone has a LEADER within.

LEAD with VISION and CLARITY where ever you find yourself with stewardship. at home, at church, in business, where ever.

“(Leadership) is the process ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others. What we’ve discovered is that people make EXTRAORDINARY things happen by liberating the leader within everyone.” Launching a Leadership Revolution, page 13. I love this book. It’s my new favorite. Reading it all the time.

How do we motivate people? How can we help them achieve?

We see weakness, confusion and breakdown when people with stewardship do not live from the leadership capacity inside themselves…But everyone can BE SMART and ON PURPOSE to DO SOMETHING and SUPPORT OTHERS to CREATE the BEST for themselves!

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Biz Tip: My Non-Stress Business Strategy

test the steps

Instead of overwhelming myself with too much to do…I developed a certain strategy in my business. I want to share it today, because when I am asked “How are you not stressed out & away from your family, while you run a business?” This is my answer.

FIRST, I identify the SUCCESS STRATEGY to Create What I Want.

It takes some time to come up with this.

I find myself going to people who have already been successful in what I want to build. I read the trends from the company, research experts, and look at the stats. As I make my plan, I run it by the most successful mentors I can get ahold of and get their advice.

I never let people advise me who haven’t ALREADY CREATED what I am creating. The well meaning, but under-qualified don’t have a vote.

I often draw on large sheets of paper on my kitchen counter or take a dry erase marker to the wall of mirrors in my bathroom. I start scribbling and mapping with squares and arrows and writing out the STEPS to get me there. I usually do this part alone because it probably looks somewhat mantic, lol, but mostly because I have to give it total focus. My whole mind and hands are engaged. I can go through a whole stack of papers, scribbling shapes, writing, re-writing, scratching it out freehand until it feels just right. I have to get inside the feeling of it. And then transfer that feeling into


As I get clear on those steps, I next create “check-points” for them.

Who am I going to engage at each of these points?

What are the “threshold points” to getting them accomplished?

What are the blocks that will stop this step from happening?

After I write it out, I go into the testing phase.

I make myself perform the steps over and over and over again, perfecting as I go. I do everything I ask other people to do.

I learn by DOING it myself–so THIS is essential.

And I look at the RESULTS along the way.

What are the conversion rates?

What works the best? What are the benchmarks and roadblocks?

Where does this fail? What could be better?

After I gauge the results, I go back and fine tune the steps.

So…develop an OVERALL STRATEGY. Then outline…

BASIC STEPS to Complete the Strategy.

Then I TEACH the steps and strategies to everyone in my organization.

I make sure the instruction is:

1. Easy to understand and can be re-explained in COMMON WORDS.

2. It’s simple enough they WILL ACTUALLY DO IT.

3. Everyone is CONNECTED to the TOOLS they need to ACHIEVE IT.

4. They RECEIVE an INCENTIVE for performing it (at least in the beginning.)

5. They can REPORT on their progress and get help when they need.

Then, as my teams run the strategy I ask them how we can make it better.

They are the very best advisors–and the people whose voice matters most!

I try to stay away from things that people can’t duplicate or teach themselves, don’t get overall results, brand-new things that aren’t well tested, or things that I don’t feel inspired to do…

Honestly, there are a LOT of things in my business that I don’t do.

But that’s important to me also.

LET GO of what doesn’t work for me or my family to follow hard after WHAT DOES.

I really feel that we can be successful at what we want when we understand THE SYSTEMS that create our success.

And we can break those systems down into MANAGEABLE Steps.

No one wants to achieve something great, and be worn thin and stressed out while they get there.

And most people don’t want to be led by someone who isn’t LIVING in a peaceful, happy, values-based manner.

At least for me, this personal business plan is what helps me create what I desire and show others … YOU CAN DO THIS, too!

and we can be HAPPY and solid along the way!

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Love Your Space


Before I sit down to work, I have a juicy routine that gets me all energized and ready to play hard

Great Music
Walk outside or workout
Essential oils
Organized space (usually)
Specific Intentions I’ve written out like “I reach all the people who need me” or
“I get 10 hours of benefit for every 1 hour I spend at work”

If I jump into the day unprepared, I totally feel it. Less is accomplished. What I create is boring and lifeless and things drag on.

More gets done when ENERGY is high.

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How to Empower People


Stop trying to make or influence people’s life decisions FOR them. Instead …

1. ASK THEM: WHAT do you WANT?

After they identify it …


Let them list ALL the possibilities (and suggest some they might not see)


Let the decision come from inside of them, with their own resources and innate power. If they need coaching, new ideas, more options, or help with blocks, OFFER it. But THEY MUST CHOOSE ON their own.

Once they decide…


Say yes (or no!) to their specific requests. REQUIRE that they ASK directly and specifically for what they want with your involvement and do exactly (only) what you said you would do.


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I Am Honest


My favorite thing about team calls is not growth numbers or big plans…but the HONESTY.

We have a culture of genuine authenticity where you can talk about where you’re weak or what you’re not good and that’s just what we do. You can share anything. No gossip. There’s no judgment. No backlash. (No one would listen if you tried.)

A celebration in the truth-telling.

So people will actually say in front of everyone… “On a scale of 0-10 with this, I’m a 3.”

I get a thrill when I hear it. Sometimes I’m the one who starts it. I love it because it’s so real, I think.

And because whatever you can SEE, you can IMPROVE, and I feel the progress speeding along all around me.

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Find Your Crew


People who start their own businesses tend to be Type-A, get things done, do it yourself-ers always on the move.

And often people who ignore their own emotional needs.

Just after the need for survival, we have the need to be accepted and belong.

We don’t always like to admit that, or slow things down enough to make room for it, but no matter how confident or self-assured you think you are, basic emotional needs have to be met o continue to function in a healthy way. (addiction recovery and emotional meltdown isn’t great for business either, fyi)

So, go find your CREW.

Your crew is a group of people who have your back. They understand you, move like you move and show up when you need them.

Typically, most of us don’t need a huge crowd in our corner, but the fact that they E X I S T — somewhere in the world helps us to get back into the business ring day after day.

When I’m with my crew, I totally relax. My hair goes up, my heart falls open and everything comes tumbling out–breakdowns and breakthroughs, spiritual experiences and secret fears. It’s like a big slumber party of hair braiding and business building and it completely fills my soul.

And I do it about twice a year.

But, like an emergency number, those people are always a phone call away. Honestly, most of the time, we all just handle our own issues, but if you dial those digits, someone is going to answer and if they don’t happen to pick up, you’re bumped to next call.

Typically, your crew comes in every kind of variety–older, younger, different race, religion, life choices, sex, age, or business pursuits. It all varies. Some of my favorite people live a totally and completely different lifestyle than I do. I have vegan friends, home-schooling (home-birthing) friends, conservative, right to bear arms constitution pride friends and hell and damnation fire preaching souls who are close to my heart and I love to see the world through their eyes.

In a sea of all these difference, lives my family, because a few beats of our heart land on the same chords.

I feel inspired, valued, protected, and loved by my crew and they each have unique gifts that add my life.

Plus, it’s emotional safety.

A Solid, unalterable CODE of the CREW is no judgment. They want to understand who you are and where you are, and they don’t have conclusions about your life.

But they’ll be here when you need a sounding board, a cheerleader, a swift kick in the as$ (if it’s called for) or to bring your favorite cup of tea when you’re in town.

And, you need a crew for lots of other reasons beyond emotional security.

If you spend time with accelerated minds, it will speed up your own process.

I once flew 2 states to a mastermind event that lasted four hours. My schedule caused me to miss the first two days, but I hopped on a plane anyway and I got ONE IDEA in the first hour of that event that changed my business forever.

Research tells us that spending as little as fifteen minutes at the gym in the morning, will influence us to make healthier choices the whole rest of the day.

Our minds and energy meld to it’s environment and every minute you spend with people who live a bigger way than you do, you rip out your old framework and step into a larger living space by the third sentence.

And YOU need that.

When you’re a mom, dad, business owner, and everyone depends on you for answers.

The flow comes in because you’re the one turning on the spicket day after day.

But who fills you?

God. You. And your crew.

You need it and don’t deny.

First, BE that kind of person that you want to find.

And then…go find your people.

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