Reborn Today

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I have just been born this day.

It is as though I have never existed before Now. Everything is new again, everything is alive with Joy, and with L-I-F-E. There is no past in my mind. There are no post regrets, no such thing as mistakes. If I have been here before now, I have been a vessel on a river carrying my forward living as one thing, living for one thing; Learning.

I would say that I had forgiven all my debtors, but I don’t remember having any. If anyone caused harm to me, it was not to me, but to themselves and I wish them peace and freedom.

I would say that I had forgiven myself of my debts, but I can’t remember them.

I only have NOW. This moment, sitting outside as the sun rises into the sky, in the fresh Fall air, with the distant sound of a bird alerting us that it’s almost here.

The Day. The Sun. A new Life.

Here I Am.

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