One of My Friend’s is Dying…

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I received a letter from a friend of mine (and a client for the past year) who is dying.

She has a surprising reaction to most people, but one that I understand.

She is excited. She is very grateful for her life and excited about her journey.

I will not share her name, that is for her to do, but I am writing this in honor of HER LIFE and the ONE LIFE, that lives through us all…

This experience has got me thinking….

If I were dying, what would I want to do in my last month?

Here is my answer…

I would gather all the people I have ever had any kind of life experience with around ONE BIG ROUND TABLE…I would gather my friends, my neighbors, my church members and business partners, and invite them to spend an evening with me.  I’d invite my mother, my alcoholic father (he’s dead but I think he could still make it), my sexual abusers, and those who don’t like me at all.  I’d sit next to my sweet soul mate husband, David, my four children, and find a place on the floor for our one-eyed stray cat (Cupcake.)  I’d invite the person last year who promised to tell others not to join my programs and then the hundreds of clients who have been close to me and changed my life by watching them grow.  I’d invite the lady who cuts my hair and always tells me to use Serum because the ends are too dry.  And my manicurist who gets me 3 bottles of water every time I sit in the chair instead of just 1 like everyone else.

I’d have ONE MESSAGE..


Thank you for being in my journey.  There are 7 billion people on the planet…that’s a WHOLE LOT of people that I DIDN’T MEET.

That means the ones that I DID MEET, were sacred exchanges.

Each person had something to give, something to share.  Each was a teacher.

There wasn’t one person who didn’t give to me in grand, great measure in their own unique way.  The abusers taught me forgiveness.  The discontented clients taught me to excel.  The business partners challenged me.  The soul mate husband taught me love (and patience) The kids taught me the joy of giving (and non-attachment :)

What amazing experiences.  I would be so grateful for that, for each person and I would want to share that with ALL of them!


I am not dying.  (at least not that I am aware of).

But each day, I die in another way.  The past dies in me as I receive each moment, fresh and free.  Negativity dies in me as I learn to see goodness underneath all life events. (esp the “bad” things) Judgment dies in me as I see people without barriers.  Resentment dissolves as I see gratitude for *every* experience.

I do not believe that I will ever DIE in any other way but these, because the LIFE that lives in me NOW, lives in me FOREVER…it just changes playing fields.

To my friend who is moving on…I love you.  Thank you for our sacred exchanges.

And to myself, and those of us who are here for a little longer…LIVE, LIVE, LIVE to the fullest measure, and we will be excited when it is our time, too.


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