Love Yourself … and Find Heaven on Earth

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Three months ago, I was meditating and had an experience of ascending into a heaven-like place where I was sitting next to a beautiful, blue lake in pristine clear mountains with Christ.

It was absolute peace and love.
Total wholeness.
All the desire of the human heart are fulfilled here.

We sat together in quietly, looking at the lake. I was basking in a total completion, warmed by the fire of total love and happiness.

Eventually, a question arose from inside of me.

“How can I help more people get here?”

He didn’t speak, but gave me the answer, ‘Teach them to love themselves. The false beliefs people carry about themselves block them from coming. Teach them that they are enough. When they learn self love, they will ascend.

I didn’t speak of this experience except to a few people. I was not ready to teach it, because I was still learning it myself.

Since that time, I have been assimilating that truth into my being…and it’s changing me.

It is no longer great and powerful words…It is a WAY of LIFE.

… I am using it like an “eraser,” wiping out the guilt I used to feel about past mistakes.
… I am using it as a “cheerleader,” encouraging me when I am working on new goals that are stretching me.
… I am using it like a “blanket” wrapped around me for comfort when I am still learning new things I want to BE.
… I am using it as a “permission slip” to say “No” when I don’t want to say yes to things that are not right for me.
… I am using it like a “sleep aid” telling me to turn everything off when I need to rest.
… I am using it as a “free pass” to do what I feel is right for me, especially when it differs from people around me.
… I am using it like a “silencer” when people are giving me critiques that don’t fit for me,
or upset with me for not doing what they think I should be doing.

His words to me that day… LOVE YOURSELF… are no longer words.  They were a doorway into way of life is easier, happier, and kinder to me than I would have ever imagined it to be.  I feel closer to HIM, than I ever have, like Heaven is with me where-ever I am walking.

Today, I am offering them to you… LOVE YOURSELF…. to see what JOY and FREEDOM it might hold for you.

Life is kinder to us than we think it is.

The EYE SEES what the mind tells it to look for, and when you are looking for how much you are LOVED, and that you are GOOD ENOUGH right now, you will see it everywhere.

And you will feel the JOY and the FREEDOM of seeing that SELF LOVE just might be the doorway that allows you to get to HEAVEN, while you are still on the earth.


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