How to Get More From the People Who Work With You

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If you lead people in any capacity, remember that success of the group is related to the ENERGY they feel when they work with you. You are its main contributor.

When you are positive and uplifting and you care about people, you spread that to those you work with, and they feel it.

**They produce better because THEY FEEL BETTER.** (remember video marketing chat with me tomorrow!)

The most important question you can ask yourself each day:
1. How can I INSPIRE, motivate, uplift & energize those connected to me?
2. What SYSTEMS can put into place to get that to the people who need it?

Human performance increases when people are connected to you and see you personally invested in their good.

They do not respond to your insecurity.
Feeling your not good enough, OR promoting how awesome you are (which is insecurity on the inverse) drains everything you do!

I was recently coaching a leader needing more growth. I sensed that I was talking to a woman still getting to know herself & I asked:

Me: How do you feel about yourself as a leader?
Her: I am a SHY leader.
Me: What are you good at? Where are your gifts?
Her: Passion for the product.
Me: Start there. TEXT PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE DAY about your knowledge and passion. Put them all into a SYSTEM so you can reach them with ease. Then get back to me on how you are doing. She started right away and people began responding.

Sometimes people see themselves as weak, or not as gifted as others, but they don’t realize that INSIDE THEM RIGHT NOW, is something great, something worth noticing, and something PEOPLE WOULD RESPOND to — if they would get courageous and start
sharing it.

If they stand inside their gifts and passions — even if it’s one square inch — they are going to get an increase, and tomorrow they’ll have more surface area to lead from.

Underestimating your own influence is the worst mistake you can make.
Over-estimating your popularity is also a mistake.
No one cares that people know you (or not.)

They care about how THEY FEEL when they are around you.

That’s what they are going to respond to, because it’s core human need.

Forget yourself in every way (insecurity AND ego) and fall into the passion of what you love the most and share it with as many people as you can.

You can always do something from right there to make a positive difference and when you’re that clear, and courageous, people come running.

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