The Biggest Enemy to Your Success is This ONE Thing.

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You are free to create whatever you want in your life.

Creation is a few very simple steps… (repeated over and over again)

When this process is clear and un-obstructed, you can get what you want.
You can start a new business and succeed at it.
You can set a goal and experience yourself achieving it

Unfortunately, creation has an enemy and the enemy is inside of you.
It’s the MIND.

The mind is a MASTER RECORDER and the contents of the mind will play back the unfilled needs and failure of your past.
(and sometimes even your parent’s past)

This continual replay of the past, IMPEDES the PROCESS of what you are trying to do TODAY.

It’s CLOUDS what is otherwise a clear runway and makes taking off difficult, even terrifying for some people to go for what they want!

THE PAST–or your memory and interpretations of the past–are your biggest HINDRANCES.

What most people don’t know about the universe is that it’s set up to help you succeed at what YOU want.
And you may not know that. It’s almost like the earth wants you to be a brilliant success.
The universe has a natural way of things unfolding in their own time and way.  It’s the same with your personal goals and dreams, just like it is with the weather.

If you will get out of the way with the creation process, you will see that you are destined to succeed far GREATER than a little mind linked to a limited past can imagine.

And you will see how NATURAL it all is.

You FEEL a DESIRE, a goal you want to achieve.  yellowhighthoughts
That goal becomes an INTENTION, a wanting, a desire moving into activity.
Then you ACT. You go get things done.  You move, you complete tasks.

The doing comes naturally. You know what to DO, whom to talk to, when to ask for help and what questions need answered first.

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s like something wants to be created THROUGH you, and if you open your mind and stop worrying about failure, and let your heart play totally and completely FREE in a huge realm of what’s possible NOW (not what used to be impossible back then) you will love every minute of what you are doing.

Another way of saying this is…. YOU ARE FREE RIGHT NOW,

But YOUR PAST is YOUR ENEMY keeping you down.
And your mind HOLDS the ENEMY right inside your very own thoughts.

Every creative, powerful thought you have is being shot at with arrows.

If you can clear your mind, you will  see the enemy where it lies and not take it so seriously. Eventually those arrows turn into marshmallows and you don’t have any reaction but laughter when thoughts of failure come.

This is the process.

To be your very own best friend.

Let yourself DESIRE every good, wonderful, successful thing you possible can imagine.

And recognize that you were born to be a CREATOR from on high, this moment, with the project that’s in front of you, on this brand new day that you’ve never before had and will never have again.

And that the whole thing is completely untouched waiting for you to crush it.

When you are THAT clear; THAT powerful.
I dare you not to succeed.

You already know you will.

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