Biz Tip: Be Comfortable Being in a Process

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What I have learned from creating many new products and programs is that you never feel ready.

And you never ARE ready–until you do it.

Most new things emerge first as rough and disassembled at first.

Eventually you bring order to chaos. You carve out the segments, refine the steps, put it in packaging and decorate the box. Usually you do it all over again for rounds 2, 3, and 4.

You’re never ready for any of it and you do it anyway.

Because DOING IT gets you ready.

This is where some perfectionists go mad. We see you all twisted up, devouring food, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills.

I know you want things to be orderly and just right and timed to the fairy tale calendar made in your mind.

If you are building anything, or even expanding it, it’s disorderly.

Learn how to be comfortable with things being in process.

That is a SKILL all its own and it will allow you to free up tons of emotional and mental energy so you can give all of it to what you’re creating.

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