How Changing My Closet Changed My Life

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That’s a dramatic statement, but it’s actually true. The last few years, I’ve laid kinda low.  I let go of shopping and fashion (and every kind of appearance) and opted for a simple way focused on family and healing.

This Fall, I looked at my closet that was — absolutely bursting with clothes — and could find nothing to wear.  “How can that be true?” I challenged my conclusion, there has to be something here.  I started at the front of the closet and looked at each piece one by one by one.

None of it interested me. It was either old, not in style, drab, or didn’t fit me right and maybe never had.

An idea was born.

I am getting rid of EVERYTHING I wouldn’t wear right now. I ran downstairs, grabbed a garbage bag and started tossing.  A few minutes later, I ran downstairs and grabbed the BOX of garbage bags.  One by one I filled up bags, tossing in everything that was not gorgeous and ready to be chosen that day or the next to make an appearance. I tossed in brand new $99 skirt that still had the tags.  I threw in spectacular shirts I had bought on the tropical shores of other countries.  Shoes that still fit with no scuffs, t-shirts that had amazing memories attached to them.

If I’m not wearing you today or tomorrow, you’re outta here.

By the time I was done, I had a skeletal looking closet with a few items in each genre.  I had a few skirts, only two pair of jeans, some yoga pants, a handful of shirts and a couple jackets and sweaters.

Ahhh, can I get an amen for deep cleansing?

I looked in my closet the next morning and smiled.

I saw something to wear.  Not a lot to wear, mind you, but with all that crap gone, I could SEE what I had.  I put an outfit together and decided — perfect day for a shopping trip.

I created a Pinterest board with current styles and looked online a great places to shop.  This had become a hassle to me the last few years, but I was now having fun.  I would buy anything I wanted, and still wandered regularly to discount shops.

One day I had a spiritual impression and one I did not expect.
You know who you are to God.  STOP buying cheap clothes.

It was a reprimand, and it stopped me in my tracks. (I mean, I didn’t know those guys addressed stuff like this, I thought it was more like — big things, not clothing :)

But I needed it!  I had short-changing myself.  I had more than enough money to purchase anything I wanted and I was living out a generational pattern of — being cheap.

.  I am not against discount shopping and have needed to be there a good many years, I am simply saying for me at this particular period of time in my life, my actions were not at all consistent with my knowledge and I was short changing myself and it wasn’t good for me.

So, I headed to Nordstrom’s.  I walked around looking at all the styles and the price tags. I tried on a few things here and there and ended up with only one item of clothing I really loved and I didn’t look at the price long enough to remember what it was and I bought it.

I did that a few more times from different department stores and my closet, literally began to glow.  I walked inside and always had something to wear in under a minute.

It was in season, good fit, great style and I FELT great wearing it.

It was then that I realized that throwing out the OLD was what made space for the BRILLIANT.

I never would have seen it had I not been willing to get rid of the things that were TAKING UP SPACE, but had NO TRUE VALUE.

I’ve seen the power of cleaning house — relationships, business partners, items in my house.  Are they taking up space?  Am I saying yes, because it’s familiar or I’m just scared to say no.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a thrill that comes from cleaning, whether it’s my closet or life in general, I love it and I evolve as a person when I do it.

Hopefully, you know who you are spiritually, but if you’re still finding out, do yourself a favor and STOP BEING CHEAP.  That might look different for you — but you’re being cheap with your employment and you have more value to give and you’re pay doesn’t reflect that value. You’re being cheap with who you’ve said yes to when it comes to love.  Maybe you need to upgrade your business partners or your business altogether, but feel free to let go.  Grab a garbage bag, or the whole box and TRUST that something better is coming along.

But not until you first let go.

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