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How Changing My Closet Changed My Life

Green Pants blue top pic

That’s a dramatic statement, but it’s actually true. The last few years, I’ve laid kinda low.  I let go of shopping and fashion (and every kind of appearance) and opted for a simple way focused on family and healing.

This Fall, I looked at my closet that was — absolutely bursting with clothes — and could find nothing to wear.  “How can that be true?” I challenged my conclusion, there has to be something here.  I started at the front of the closet and looked at each piece one by one by one.

None of it interested me. It was either old, not in style, drab, or didn’t fit me right and maybe never had.

An idea was born.

I am getting rid of EVERYTHING I wouldn’t wear right now. I ran downstairs, grabbed a garbage bag and started tossing.  A few minutes later, I ran downstairs and grabbed the BOX of garbage bags.  One by one I filled up bags, tossing in everything that was not gorgeous and ready to be chosen that day or the next to make an appearance. I tossed in brand new $99 skirt that still had the tags.  I threw in spectacular shirts I had bought on the tropical shores of other countries.  Shoes that still fit with no scuffs, t-shirts that had amazing memories attached to them.

If I’m not wearing you today or tomorrow, you’re outta here.

By the time I was done, I had a skeletal looking closet with a few items in each genre.  I had a few skirts, only two pair of jeans, some yoga pants, a handful of shirts and a couple jackets and sweaters.

Ahhh, can I get an amen for deep cleansing?

I looked in my closet the next morning and smiled.

I saw something to wear.  Not a lot to wear, mind you, but with all that crap gone, I could SEE what I had.  I put an outfit together and decided — perfect day for a shopping trip.

I created a Pinterest board with current styles and looked online a great places to shop.  This had become a hassle to me the last few years, but I was now having fun.  I would buy anything I wanted, and still wandered regularly to discount shops.

One day I had a spiritual impression and one I did not expect.
You know who you are to God.  STOP buying cheap clothes.

It was a reprimand, and it stopped me in my tracks. (I mean, I didn’t know those guys addressed stuff like this, I thought it was more like — big things, not clothing :)

But I needed it!  I had short-changing myself.  I had more than enough money to purchase anything I wanted and I was living out a generational pattern of — being cheap.

.  I am not against discount shopping and have needed to be there a good many years, I am simply saying for me at this particular period of time in my life, my actions were not at all consistent with my knowledge and I was short changing myself and it wasn’t good for me.

So, I headed to Nordstrom’s.  I walked around looking at all the styles and the price tags. I tried on a few things here and there and ended up with only one item of clothing I really loved and I didn’t look at the price long enough to remember what it was and I bought it.

I did that a few more times from different department stores and my closet, literally began to glow.  I walked inside and always had something to wear in under a minute.

It was in season, good fit, great style and I FELT great wearing it.

It was then that I realized that throwing out the OLD was what made space for the BRILLIANT.

I never would have seen it had I not been willing to get rid of the things that were TAKING UP SPACE, but had NO TRUE VALUE.

I’ve seen the power of cleaning house — relationships, business partners, items in my house.  Are they taking up space?  Am I saying yes, because it’s familiar or I’m just scared to say no.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a thrill that comes from cleaning, whether it’s my closet or life in general, I love it and I evolve as a person when I do it.

Hopefully, you know who you are spiritually, but if you’re still finding out, do yourself a favor and STOP BEING CHEAP.  That might look different for you — but you’re being cheap with your employment and you have more value to give and you’re pay doesn’t reflect that value. You’re being cheap with who you’ve said yes to when it comes to love.  Maybe you need to upgrade your business partners or your business altogether, but feel free to let go.  Grab a garbage bag, or the whole box and TRUST that something better is coming along.

But not until you first let go.

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Travel


We’ve all been there: the middle seat of an airplane.  No view out the window, no easy access to the aisle, and to make things worse, both fellow travelers have nasty coughs.

Ok, maybe we haven’t had that experience to the T, but middle seat or not, germs are in great abundance in airports and planes.  A renowned study found in the Journal of Environmental Health Research informs its readers that chances for catching a cold could increase 100 times in a plane than you would be living your typical lifestyle.

The last thing I want is to feel unwell on a business trip or family vacation! 

So, behold: the ultimate list of essential oil travel tips!  Actually, to avoid this post being several thousand words long, I will just make it my top 5. :)

Oil #1: doTERRA On Guard®.

On Guard acts as an immune booster.  This is a great one if you’re wanting to travel fear-free.  It’s especially great to have on hand when traveling during holidays in the winter when everyone seems to be under the weather.

Oil #2: Melaleuca

It calms minor skin irritations.  You never know what your skin will come in contact with when traveling!  This oil is a must have when using air-travel.

Mela. oil

Oil #3: Peppermint

Another point of focus when you travel is keeping it fresh.  Peppermint is practically synonymous with fresh.  It can help keep you awake simply by breathing it in, and it can keep you cool by adding a drop to your water or applying it to your feet or back of your neck.  It also can work wonders for your breath.  Sure is handy to have around, especially when you packed your toothbrush…who knows where?

Oil #4: doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend

After a long day of travel, nothing beats the feeling of a cool and soothing touch from a Deep Blue oil roller bottle.  It can relax sore and tense muscles after a long day’s travel.

deep blue touch

Oil #5: Lavender

Summer travel, or travel any time of the year means the sun is shining.  Lavender is amazing for soothing skin, especially after it has been exposed to some extra sunshine!

Traveling with essential oils has helped take a serious load off of my shoulders.  If you have yet to try essential oils, Click HERE to watch an INTRO webinar about essential oils!  If you have tried oils before: what oils are your favorite to travel with?

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How I Got Lost, Drenched and Found in the Mountains


(How I Got Lost, Drenched and Found in the Mountains) On Tuesday, I jumped in my truck and drove north to marinate my soul in nature. So much family and business action this year has been exhilarating and also left me in need of recharge.

When I reached the red hills of Sedona, I stopped for a new pair of hiking shoes. I chit chatted with a master guide there about how we both chose to be business owners for the freedom, but we don’t take enough time off to enjoy it. (Though, he leaves 4 months a year just to hike, so he might be doing okay :)

“Well, this very day, I am making progress,” I declared, as I scooped up my new kicks off the counter.

He responded, “Sedona is a great place to manifest change” and stared at me square in the eyes.

The words hit me hard. Like in the center of my chest hard, and I carried them with me on the highway as I drove.

I pulled into a hiking area in Coconino National Forrest and started my way up West Fork Trail and was immediately surrounded by colossal red rock that engulfed me like an ant. Green trees towered all around– juniper, pine and aspen.

The air smelled like happiness.

I was in instant ecstasy as I trekked alone up the trail, passing people here and there, exchanging friendly hellos.

While I hiked, I thought of something I read in the gift shop back in town.

“Learn the lesson and let it go.”

This year had given me incredible perspective from deep experiences that had been miraculous, and sometimes painful.

I knew to leave everything in the past & take only two things:


If you want to move at a rapid pace, there’s no other option but to travel light (mentally, emotionally.) But I hadn’t let everything go — I carried some worries, a few regrets and a tiny swatches of dense emotions.

As my feet pounded up the hill, I wanted each step to stamp clear any residue hiding in the inner parts. I stepped with intention to have ALL OF ME CLEAR and clean in the present.

I crossed the stream that wove itself all throughout the trail, and hopped on my toes from rock to rock. On the other side of the fresh water, I found new trails, more birds– so much life.

The mountainous stood stalwart and hadn’t moved in thousands of years.
The rain or scorching sun could beat down– or a fire burn the surface (and it has) — and they’d just go with it.

They were built to recover. They would use whatever came and grow life again.
A silent monument of acceptance — acceptance of what comes and a reminder to treat life like a process, not an amusement park, teaching travelers how to live and how to die.

About three miles into the hike, it began to rain. I adored it (at first.) I stood under the shelter of a tree and watched water polka dot the dirt around my shoes, waiting for it to pass. After twenty minutes or so, it became obvious it wasn’t going to clear, and I headed back the way I came.

Soon, the sky grew darker and in 2 minutes, I was soaked. Desert monsoons, aka summer rain storms, can be fierce and nothing to mess with. It’s Arizona’s only claim to actual “weather,” and it’s a good one.

As the downpour increased, I sped back quickly to the entrance. The once semi-populated trail was now barren and I hadn’t seen a single soul for at least 30 minutes.

Still, I felt safe and peaceful, and was thoroughly enjoying my adventure until I was about half way back, and the trail I was following appeared to be swallowed up by the rising stream. (Let me jump in here to say that David is not happy at this point in my story, and in case you’re concerned, know that he’s done due diligence to warn me about hiking alone.)

No trail. Now what?

The sky had dumped the entire belly of it’s contents on my head and I was so wet, I might as well have walked right out of a swimming pool. My back pack was soaked all the way through and my once protected cell phone has seized during it’s warm July bath.

And have I mentioned that I am geographically challenged?

I pulled out a plastic orange “I’m lost in the woods whistle” that I bought at the sporting goods store with a chuckle the night before, thinking I would never EVER use such a thing. I laughed at myself as I blew it but, the sound didn’t carry far through the wall of water in the sky, plus there was no one around to hear me anyway. It was useless and I felt ridiculous so I put it away.

No trail, no phone, no people. Hmmm…What to do?

Pray, of course. (Always phone home when you’re in trouble.)
Soon, I had a gentle inclination — “stay here, people are coming.”

So, I waited.

I waited for 5 minutes.
Then 10 minutes.

The sky grew angrier and flashed with lightning.

My mind had the thought “it might be time to worry.”
It had now been 45 minutes since I had seen another human being.

“They are coming, wait by the stream…” I felt the simple instruction again and chose, very purposefully, to do what I was told — wait — and keep a clear head.
(screw you, fear, you hear me?)

In another 5 or 6 minutes, they popped out of the brush and emerged at the edge of the stream.

Four. Glorious. Beings. (imagine heavenly music playing) A silver-haired couple, about 60 years old with walking sticks; a beautiful black woman in her 20’s and a shirtless, energetic man with curly hair and athletic build.

I shouted at them from across the stream and they invited me to come over and hike back with them.

You would have thought we were long lost friends at a planned reunion. The wild and wonderful circumstances in which we found each other had wiped out the walls we usually have with people we just met.

Micheal, was an actor (no joke) on his way to Hollywood. He had been on Blacklist, many national commercials, and on the CMT series, Sun Records, to name a few. Heidi told us about her cancer and I could see how strong (and stubborn) she had been about her choice to fight for her life and win. Chelsea was an opera singer in grad school in Oklahoma, contemplating her future path. She and Micheal swapped stories about breaking into the music business (his life before acting.)

We took a group selfie on the bridge and shared a cup of hot tea on a couch at a nearby cafe that had a stunning resemblance to a grandmother’s cabin. There were books, board games, a piano, an old record player with a gramaphone and two fireplaces.

But no inside bathroom.

So I changed into dry clothes in the “employees only” room at the back entrance (door locked) and I’m pretty sure I was the first person to be naked in there next to the pots and pans.

Turns out Micheal had escaped for a few days to the mountains because he had been working too much, felt he was out of balance and was taking some time to get back to himself.

As I listened to another person put words to the exact thing I was experiencing, I realized the long string of spontaneous gifts this day had rolled out for me in eloquent sequence.

I came here by myself because I needed some time to rejuvinate, but I wasn’t alone. The hiking guide clued me in that changes were coming. The mountains taught me to let go and live a cleaner, simpler life. Inspiration taught me how to wait when I think I’m in trouble and watch for the answer on it’s way.

And new friends reminded me that connection is everywhere. The world is kind, people are loving, and life has my back.

Stay open, say yes, and steer hard into what matters most.

I felt smarter than I did in the morning,
and lovelier as a human overall.

Here’s a picture of the area. It wasn’t taken by me.
My pictures (and past) were washed by the rain :)

PS. If you’ve been texting me, I’ll have a new phone on Tuesday.





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My Kids Essential Oils Routine (I took these out of their room!)

How My Kids Use Essential Oils

How My Kids Use Essential Oils







I am creating a WELLNESS HOME for my family, because I want my kids to be bathed in everyday practices that are so familiar to them, THRIVING is a way of LIFE!
(we don’t just use essential oils when we’re sick, we practice wellness each and every day!)

If you’re a Madder, Feeling GREAT is a family standard!

I bet you want that for your kids, too!! So you’ll be interested in watching this video to see how
we have integrated essential oils into our family practices.

Direct Video Link:

My kids have picked up on it and now they DO IT THEMSELVES!

I went into their room to and grabbed their oils to create this videos :)
but I plan to have them back before they get home…

If you would like a free wellness consult where you can chat with someone and then get some samples of essential oils, please visit click HERE.  Direct link! >>



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Remembering Ourselves to Love

Remembering Ourselves to Love

One Sunday, I was late for my church meeting because I was coaching a friend through a major life decision. I sat outside the building and I wondered if I should still go in. There was about 5 minutes left. I had the feeling that I should and I opened the door, dismissing the thoughts of lateness and awkwardness.

When I sat down, I heard the speaker say, “We are here to mourn with those that mourn and bear one another’s burdens.”

Interesting, I thought. Relevant. I missed most of church, because I had just been doing that very thing.

As I listened further, she said                                                                                                                   “As WE serve other people, we learn to love like God.”

I could feel those words resonate down to my toes.

I sat and reflected on all the times people had let me into their lives.They will tell me about the affair, the addiction, the abuse, or their deepest insecurities.

Often, they have been playing the part, or putting on a show for others, but sometimes within a few minutes of meeting me, they will open their core container and spill it’s messy contents.

And I listen.

Somehow God has given me complete love and openness and literally erased all reactions of judgment from my mind.

I did not come to the earth with this gift, as I was quite the bitch in my twenties ready to hammer every living thing with a label.

As I grew up, I asked to love and accept others and He said yes.

When other people see “mistakes” I see a person who is suffering and on an important journey of learning more.

When other people say, “They shouldn’t have done that,” I see someone doing the best they can with what they knew and ready to create a new experience.

I am still a student learning how God loves us. I ask for His love everyday to be shared with me so that I can spread it to others, and I move along at this at my own pace.

What I know is that the “natural mind” is the enemy to this love.

The mind is separation. The mind is a constant spin cycle that the stirs up thoughts of people, and judgments about their lives and the stories we tell and re-tell and fragments the human race into 7 billion separate units.

In the place of “no thought,” total simplicity comes forward.

When I coach with people, I practice “whole body listening.”

I listen with ALL of who I am, which allows me to receive another person with a more mature, more spiritual view.

The immature mind would cut up their life and current decisions into “good or bad,” but whole body listening is to receive ALL of who they are with Grandfather-style wisdom.

It sees ‘mistakes” as experiences and a temporary stage, not a representation of who they are.

The practice of true listening connects us to inner knowing.

Inner knowing is connected to God.

Buddhists call this, “beginner’s mind.”

Beginners mind is to look at someone so fresh and so new, that there is a clear space to receive the truth of their divinity.

In Christianity, this is Charity, or unconditional love.

Unconditional love is an energy of Unity, coming from God, living through everysingle living being, walking on the street in freedom, or waiting on death row,connecting us all to each other, and to our One Creator.

You and I cannot escape from this reality.

No matter how many stories we tell to each other (or tell about each one another), we all share the same heart source.

We’re from the same family, thrown together in an earth-sized blender, scrambled around in every possible scenario, recalling some days, and other days, totally forgetting the reason we’ve been put here together…


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Commit to Love Yourself


When you think you’re not doing enough, it’s because you’re not looking at WHAT YOU–ARE–DOING.

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Stop Trying to Be Like Everyone Else

Stop Trying to Be Like Everyone Else

There was once a time in our world where renegades were outlawed.

Shot at.
Or burned at the stake.

Today, we are so much more civilized,
We mostly just talk about them behind their backs and don’t invite them over.

People are always telling me that they don’t feel like they fit in, and I’m usually very kind and empathetic. But after the big warm hug, what I really want to say is….


In our world today, we are so far from our true selves and live inside of hundreds of prisons, why would you want to fit in here?

I mean really, it’s about time you owned the unique parts of yourself and started celebrating.
Instead of hiding.

I have a total heart for renegades.

These are people who do things differently and upset the status quo.
The only way we’ve ever gotten to the next level is by breaking through it.

I mean, how are we going to know what’s possible, until someone, UNTIL YOU, break through the “normal” that you’re surrounded by.

For that to happen, you’re going to have to step out, step up, get moving…and stop apologizing.

What I’m telling you, is that WE NEED you to be DIFFERENT.  Choose a different job than your family will accept.  Adopt the spiritual beliefs that feel right for you, but don’t fit well for your neighborhood. Embrace your unique spiritual gifts that don’t make sense to most people.  Educate your kids the way you believe is best for them.  Leave a bad relationship if God tells you it’s time. Tell the truth that most people aren’t willing to speak out about, let alone acknowledge exists.

All these things, and many others, are brave paths that SOMEONE has to take, in order to blaze new trails in perception, and claim the exultant freedoms, for which we have been created.

The a reason you’re not the same as everyone else is because you were born for something more. You were born to forge a new path for yourself and those coming after you.

If you do it the same way as everyone else is doing it, you’ll get the same results they are getting.

That price is just too BIG to pay for social acceptance, when social acceptance has nothing to offer but a thin blanket for the ego that vanishes the moment you reach for it.

If you agree to be led by the group,
You are also agreeing to get the same results that they do.

But you were created to want MORE.  It’s perfectly okay for them to follow the norm, but it will never EVER be enough for you, (unless you medicate yourself, numb your senses or shut down your true self –and that’s what we call “happinness suicide.”)

You have to be willing to strike out on your own for awhile, and see what’s possible. Even if it means you feel a little bit alone, and even if it means that people that you love, disagree with you, or don’t like you very much.

That’s okay, and in fact, it’s very common (kind of standard actually.)  Sometimes it’s just the way things are when we are blazing new trails.  (Usually, they come around when they see you’re not changing. They have to, if they are going to live in peace with themselves, because ultimately they see the truth that YOUR LIFE is none of their business.)

But until then, you’ll have to stop consulting with the group and make some new commitments.

For Example:

Only TAKE ADVICE from the people who LIVE where YOU WANT TO GO.

I personally never allow people to advise me unless they have DIRECT EXPERIENCE (and positive results) with what I am seeking to create. The worst people to get counsel from are those who think they know, but they have no true personal experience. For example, in the early days of my career, I took advice from people who said women could never be successful at raising a family if they had a job on the side.  But those people had no real experience creating what I wanted to create, so of course they believed that, and that belief was right–for them.  But it wasn’t right for me, and they couldn’t advise me well.  They didn’t know the way because they had never LIVED it themselves, and they weren’t being called to. We often think things can’t be done (or shouldn’t be done) … until WE’VE DONE THEM, and not until, will we see differently.

If you can’t find the right people close to you, STRIKE OUT in WIDER CIRCLES.
There are people like you out there, you just aren’t connected to them yet, and you might be letting yourself get shut down by people who were never meant to be your advisors.

If you don’t see a trail in front of you, then you’re being called to make your own.

So, if you feel a little bit alone, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong, in fact, EVERYTHING IS JUST PERFECTLY RIGHT.

FYI. Here are a few other symptoms of “Changemakers” … Pathfinders … Trailblazers…

*You’re not sure if you have any right to think the way you do, but you still would never choose to live any other way.

*You feel like people don’t understand you, so you often keep those thoughts to yourself to avoid conflict or confrontation.

*You feel increasingly uncomfortable with teachings & conversations that represent unconscious ways of living.

If that’s you … YOU’RE in good company with me.

I want to wrap my arms around you, and tell you that the world needs you to be EXACTLY as you are.

The greatest things in our world were created by people who did things differently.
And stood for change.

Here are a few of my favorite renegades, the Changemakers of the past, that have broken through very dense ceilings and brought huge gifts into our world.



Jesus Christ.

Mother Teresa.

Abraham Lincoln.

Steve Jobs.


I know that all of these people felt different, alone, misunderstood, and they paid that price to blaze their own path of change here. 

Please feel free to do the same.  If people don’t love you yet, YOU GET TO LOVE YOU, because your own love is more than enough to keep you going. In fact, your own permission, is the only one you’ve ever really wanted.

It’s no small thing to be a renegade.  It takes of lot of courage, and self love, and willingness to open your life to a totally different way of doing things and follow an unknown path, where the only guide is your own beating heart.

But would you really want to live any other way?
I know that even though you get tired sometimes, and feel alone, and perhaps out of place, that you are never going back.

Because as unique as we might be, Changemakers have ONE THING in COMMON.

We have be who we are. There is nothing that the crowd can give us that will ever ever amount to the joy, passion, and love we feel, when we are true to ourselves.

Learn to let go of what they think and focus on what you want for your life.
When you live that in full confidence and you don’t care what they think–or don’t even know–and you love yourself (and them, too), then you know you’re free.

Don’t worry too much, because everything works out in the end.

If you cup your hand around your ear and listen carefully, you will hear the applause.

There are many coming after you that are already celebrating.

You are never alone, but guided and appreciated, deeply loved, and helped constantly along the way in both the physical and spiritual world.

Let me be the first, to give you a standing ovation. Because I am truly cheering you on.
And may your mind be quiet long enough so that you can hear it, too.


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Why you need to directly ask the Source…

All attempts to get what we want through indirect means are manipulation.

Including the following:

-Telling our story to get others to feel sorry for us or give love & validation.
-Wanting others to do things for us and using emotional responses to guilt or pressure them into doing so. (like withdrawing love, or getting angry.)
-Using indirect methods of communication instead of open, direct DIALOGUE with the SOURCE.

We are powerful enough to create the LOVE we want and the things we feel are ours to obtain, by going directly to the source and ASKING for what we need.

For example,

if someone says to me, “I am so burdened, so frustrated…”

I am looking for what they want.

I am waiting to hear their direct requests.

“Can you share your love with me?”
“Can you give me some
coaching tips?”

Going to the SOURCE and asking specifically for what we desire is the only true, healthy way. God also waits for us to ASK for what we need and invites us continually in the scriptures to do so.

Using emotion to secure what we want in any other “indirect manner” is out of alignment with our true selves which crave deep honesty, authenticity without masks and meaningful relationships by choice…not guilt ridden obligation.

When we do enough work inside to get ourselves here, and we are this clear and certain, we are now in a position of powerful Creation.

We communicate well and with clarity.

We handle our emotions with responsibility, and yield our words consciously.

With these skills, we can obtain healthy love;

We live in pure relationships that come from original desire, and we are ready to experience true abundance in all it’s forms.

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Your Path is Your Path

A few years ago, a woman in my church expressed her displeasure that I wasn’t doing enough service in our women’s church group.

What she didn’t know at the time, and what I was unable to express to her back then, was that my life was so overloaded with a service mission of healing myself from deep generational family issues, that the thought of baking cookies and taking it to a neighbor, was not even on my radar.

I WAS DOING service, huge service. But no one knew it back then, including me.

About a year ago, I was at an event where the trainer was about to tell a story. Before she told it, I heard the words, “Listen. This is for you.”

I listened. Here is what she said. In her lifetime, she did a lot of generational healing work. While at a funeral, she looked around and the rows were filled with her family members. At that moment, God spoke to her and said, “You work has blessed all of these people’s lives. And they will never know it.” He gave her a warm confirmation of peace and gratitude for the work that she was a part of.

“That story was for you.” I felt that.

I remember when I used to think I wasn’t doing enough baby-sitting, house-cleaning for people about to move, and goody drop offs to new neighbors.

I didn’t understand back then that my life was already on course for a different kind of service. A lesser known form of giving and often, not even recognized.

I think we do a lot of harm to ourselves when we think my life must look “this” way, the way I see around me, or it’s wrong…or even lower, we make it personal–“There’s something wrong with ME.”

Now, almost every day I find that I share things with people and they are completely unaware of it–which makes it just as much fun, and totally time efficient, which is my style.

Once on a walk, I felt inspired to go a certain direction and found myself in front of a basketball court where two boys were playing basketball.

One of the boys was about 15 years old. I felt impressed to do some work to help clear his family tendencies towards scarcity. I prayed for him, first, which is the best tool any of us have, and always my first move. Then I did what I was trained to do to help him remove those programs, so he could be more easily choose his way.

“…And they will never know it.” I like it that way.

I wish I understood that years back when I felt guilty for not baking more cookies and showing up at more weeknight gatherings.

It might be easy to say that I just “couldn’t do it,” but I wouldn’t go that far into helplessness. I didn’t feel inspired to do it. It wasn’t on my radar. It’s wasn’t speaking to me. I was serving God in our way–mine and His together.

I believe that all the things I wasn’t doing WERE important acts of service and thank goodness, the right people were doing them.

We each migrate naturally towards our callings; we have the innate desires for our destiny, and my heart was beating for it’s own assignments.

Or, hey, maybe …I WAS simply apathetic and selfish, as my church-mate was suggesting and that could be true, too. I can’t find the place in me where that bothers me.

But in my heart, I don’t really think so. I think that everyone is carrying their own private load along with a very personal calling with God.

We don’t have to do everything–just what has our name on it.

Other people might not understand at times, but we’re really only entitled to revelation about our own lives.

What AM I Doing with MY PATH?
WHAT SERVICE has my name on it?

When those questions have our full focus, we will get the answer, and we will be peaceful about other people living theirs.

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Why you need to first love yourself

One of the greatest gifts you can give the world is to truly, deeply Love Yourself.
You become free of needing others to complete you, thus controlling their lives or involving yourself in their opinion of you.

You are also PREPARED to give that same gift of love, equality and ACCEPTANCE to everyone you meet and BE with them–where they are.

Loving yourself first shows you how.
There is always just ONE PERSON to set free.
When YOU-are free…being free with others comes naturally.

Everyone wants this inner liberty. When we see it, we fall into it’s embrace, because we are tired of the all the games and plays that showcase who we are not.

This is the next stage of evolution we’re designed for.

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