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Master Class Oct 20th & 21st



You’ve been dreaming, planning and praying…and now, it’s finally time to get it done!
Register for my all-new LIVE master class on October 20th and 21st!

Oh and here are a few things I’ll help you do at the training!

>> Create a 60 Day Plan to outline exact steps to achieve your goal!

>> Make it air-tight! Be sure you have the very best tools & strategies.

>> Top #3 reasons why people fail & how to easily avoid it!

>> Get your spouse on board to support you (instead of question you!)

>> How to silence your nay-sayers in public and in your head!

>> Believe in yourself & stop doubting if you can do this — for good!

>> Get to High Production so you can go 100mph the moment you sit down to work!

>> How to dance right through those “drudgery tasks” you don’t want t (but you know they help you!)

>> Eliminate common distractions & time drains and keep a clear inner space!

>> Find the small windows of time in your day to work (you have them!)

>> Simple energy tools to help you stay at your highest vibe!

>> Best practices of busy entrepreneurs to keep your mind clear & body healthy!

>> Top #3 Mom Hacks to keep family running smooth while you’re in hyper drive!

>> The #1 thing to DO when you’ve lost your faith & you’re feeling low and all failure-ish and you need to get back up again!

>> How to delegate, hire help and say a polite “no” so you’re only doing the work that’s really yours to do!

This could be the day that changes everything!

$100 product give-away at the event!

I can’t wait to meet you, so register and then send me an email and say HELLO!

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Why Facebook Marketing Fails for Most People

Facebook is the most incredible tool that can connect you to people all over the world in seconds.

And it can dramatically explode your profits and sales (for free service I might add.)

If you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t, Facebook is really a time drain or a socially acceptable form of stalking.
(come on, you know you’ve done it, lol :)

Nearly all of the traffic for my business comes from organic sources like Facebook, Instagram
and word of mouth, and I want to show you how you can make this work!

The truth is that more than 90% of people breaking the rules of engagement and they are not getting success!

On May 22nd and 23rd I’ll be doing a 90 Minute TOTAL REVEAL webinar that explains in great  487557_10151593641792390_1226416925_n
detail how to be successful at marketing online using free sources (like facebook) in very simple steps.
If you aren’t already registered for that, get on it, baby!!

“I learned more from you in 90 minutes than I did at my last 2 day business training!” — Sarah, from Arizona.

That was one of my favorite comments from one of our attendees!  Warms the heart, I tell you, to help people in this way.  I think I do more free service for people in 90 minutes than I’ve done in 10 years prior, lol :)

Here are the top 3 reasons your Facebook (Instagram, Pinterest, and even website aren’t working for you!)


What that means is that your Facebook posts are random, stand alone acts that are not connected to a sales process. A sales process is the “follow up steps” that lead to money collection.  (Never try to do the actual money collection right from your FB page unless you are on your business page on your own FB Store.)  Most of the time, people need a natural sequence that leads them along from being interested bystanders, to active buyers.  Facebook marketing is totally ineffective unless it leads to a specific sales process.  Now, it’s a fantastic creative hobby and it can be a tempting getaway when you want to pretend that you are busy building your business and feel like you are doing something (and who doesn’t enjoy social sharing?) but you’re not really making money.  Let’s just be honest about that, okay, because when we are more honest we can have much better results.  Without a sales process, money flow will never happen.  The webinar DOUBLE your BUSINESS with Simple Online Steps will teach you the most popular sales sequences that apply to the current stage your business (and can increase your cash flow! :)


People want to know that you can help them solve their problems.  It’s ESSENTIAL to know what hurts for your ideal clients and learn how to talk to them in a way that they can hear you.  And BTW…Not everyone wants to hear from you. That’s GOOD!  Just certain types of people are interested in you and what you have.  THOSE are your peeps.  Those are the ones you are after.  Let everyone else go and never ever change your marketing to reach people that aren’t genuinely interested in you.  Hone in directly on your crowd and when you know what HURTS for them, you know how to HELP THEM. You know what to say and how to say it.

90% of people talk about their PRODUCT before they even talk about the PROBLEMS that their product can solve.  Amateur mistake in marketing.  People need to know you care about them and you can make a difference in their lives before you even have a right to sell them anything.  SO….that means FACEBOOK marketing, and nearly all social media marketing is what I call “high resonance, light touch.”  Resonates HIGHLY with the demographic at a HEART LEVEL…LIGHT TOUCH at a product level.  That’s stage 1…. After that, you take them to stage 2 in the next step of your sequence… I’ll show you what I mean by this on the webinar and show you tons of great examples for products JUST LIKE YOURS!  :)


Like a vehicle, social media operates as a machine.  If you are the type of person who doesn’t put oil in your car until the red light is blaring (or the engine is smoking), you’re in trouble!  Because you’re ignoring the proper operations of your vehicle, you’re going to have frequent breakdown.  It’s the same with social media.  If you don’t know what Edge Rank is, that’s okay, that’s why I am here to help you.  Just know for the moment that not all Facebook posts are the same!   There is a way to INCREASE the amount of people who see your posts (by increasing edge rank).  I’ll be showing you the quickest and most effective ways to do that, along with the 2 MOST POPULAR TIMES of the WEEK for posting.  (Did you even know there was a ‘best time of day?” There is! And all my students know when that is, and how to increase their EDGE RANK so that we get more eyes on their cool stuff!

Also…Not all pages are the same!  In fact, there are 4 different types of pages and each one are treated differently.  There are 1-2-3 levels of engagement at each one!  And each place, requires a certain way to show up in order to take your people to the next step.

I hear people say this all the time… Facebook doesn’t work for me!  And it takes me about 30 seconds to see where the breakdown is happening for them.  It’s all about SEQUENCING … and SYSTEMS.

When is the last time you walked up to someone you’ve never met and said, “HI!! Wanna buy my product?”

You haven’t right?  (Okay, please tell me you haven’t, lol!)

You wouldn’t do that!  Because GREAT RELATIONSHIPS follow a natural, healthy sequence.
And so do  GREAT ONLINE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS … they follow a natural sequence.

We’ll be talking all about this at my BIG REVEAL EVENT on May 22nd and May 23rd!

You’ll get the WHOLE MAP and a chance to win a $1200 coaching package from me!
I’ll be showing you tons of great websites, and how to create those really cool pictures
(from your phone) in a few minutes at a time!  See ya there!

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What’s the Make a Difference Event All About? … Make Money Doing What You Love

How do you make money doing what you love?

Like Real money.
Like replace your regular income money…or hey, an extra few hundred dollars a month
would be life changing for many of us! I know it was for me when I had that experience!

I want to answer these questions and more and UNRAVEL the MYSTERY for many people
who have been asking this question.

Make Money Doing What You Love (and finally get paid what you’re worth) 20130222-154523.jpg
(the promotional code to get your $49 ticket for free is: wakeup — enter it above
the order now button!)

Gone are the days when you go to your “day job” from 8 to 5 and then go serve people on the
weekends. Well, those days are not gone altogether, I mean a lot of people are still doing that, okay
most people are still doing that–and it’s a wonderful life for those who want it to be.

BUT … what if you could SERVE from 8 to 5? (and then play on the weekends, lol, or serve in
lots of other ways, too.)

The old beliefs that ‘jobs” are for work, hard work and paid work … and helping people is only for those
without jobs and church callings or community positions is old and outdated.

THE CHANGEMAKER MOVEMENT has changed all of that.

The Changemaker Movement is when YOUR JOB BECOMES a SERVICE to HUMANITY;
or when you get paid for doing what you love and for helping other people.

It is popular, or ever-increasing in popularity, as passion based living becomes the desire of those who raise
their eyelids and want to WAKE UP to who they really are and what they came to do here.

In my experience, as a coach, fairy god-mother, and flat out hyper-active CHEERLEADER for Changemakers,
these people are waking up in droves…and they are making major migration patterns to the wellness industry,
coaching industry, healing arts world, and network marketing arenas.

These are the places we find them. Excited. Wide-eyed and wondering, many of them, how to do this.

They are moms waking up to find their own personal mission in addition to their beautiful calling as mothers.
They are people waking up to self-creation, passion based employment and more personal freedom.

Even teenagers and college grads and choosing not to go into corporate America, but businesses on their own design.

These–and many more–are those who want to make a living doing what they love and making a positive difference in the world.

It is a VERY EXCITING time to be alive. It’s very exciting because never before has the field of opportunity been so wide open. The internet has leveled the playing field and dismantled all the old rules.

You don’t have to leave your house/kids to do this (not when your whole job can be done on a smart phone.)

You don’t have to wait to be discovered or hired by anyone…you can publish your own book, create your own movies (youtube) build your own platform (blogsite) and do it ALL on your time frame. You don’t even have to quit your nine to five job, to make money when you can build a network marketing team a few hours a week and on the weekends until it replaces your income.

Everything has changed, and if you still feel fenced in by old beliefs and rules (like you have to have a degree to be “qualified”) take a look at the new field, because all of that old data was ditched with your VHS tapes.

Human patterns such as …

Never feeling worthy, good enough and poverty
programs passed down from generations.

This part we have to do on our own, and do it quickly, because our SUCCESS depends on it!
And Apple just can’t come out with a cool enough product to get us OUT Of the WAY … of ourselves.

THE MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVENT … HOW TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE (and finally get paid what you’re worth)
is going to answer these very problems in addition to give you a MAP of action steps to take in order to succeed.
In your own thinking AND in your business!

It’s going to be great. HUGE.

And life-changing.

It’s taken me 8 years to develop this map and I’m about to reveal it all together for the first time.
I’ll be answer these questions …. (and more!)

*What are the LEVELS of the Changemaker Movement…like the actual steps to take from
“I have a great idea in my head” to…”I have more than enough money in my bank.”

*What are the BIGGEST PITFALLS and PROBLEMS at each stage. What stops people when they
first start, or even after they’ve been going for awhile.

And…Most of ALL…

*What does a person need to really succeed. Like really,truly, seriously, WHAT HAS TO BE DONE
for them to make it. And what SUPPPORT, TOOLS, and STEPS can accellerate the process.

I’m going to lay it all down for you. I’ve never mapped it out quite like this before and I laughed (and cried) when
the content came to me in the early morning hours of the exact map I’m going to be sharing with you.

It’s beautiful.
AND…It’s kinda brilliant, if I do say so myself, and I CAN say that, because I do not create this stuff. It creates through me. It Lives through me and I just watch and take notes while it’s happening. I’m just an open vessel for a happy life, and all I want to do is help YOU to succeed at BEING YOU.

So…Please come! And if you bought a ticket, get your cute little bootie in that seat on Friday, March 8th at 6:30 pm and
keep your shoes tied, because I want to knock your socks off :)


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(and register above to get the recordings!)

Join us Every Tuesday morning for Meditations and Peace and Empowerment
training that helps you stay in the flow of love, peace and JOY…
no matter what’s happening around you!  SHARE the LOVE! It’s free!


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Stop Shrinking When It’s Time to Ask for The Money

People CAN Afford What You Are Selling…or They Can Create the Money!
In fact, you’re hurting people if you don’t charge them …

Here’s WHY!

**REMINDER** Your Tele-seminar training happens this week! ($297 value — but free for my friends!)

March 28th at 7pm MST // March 29th at 2pm MST
For Audio Only: Dial: 623.255.3832 Pin: 716505#

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Why I am Spilling Every Busines Secret I Have This Week

I remember well what it was like to have a total passion for helping people…but not know how to be successful. I had gifts and I was willing to work hard, but I just didn’t know exactly what to do to get clients and sales. I felt like a failure in business…and I kinda was.

When I finally learned THE STEPS to take–it made all the difference.

Have you ever felt the same way?  Lost and frustrated and not sure where to go?

It’s a lot like being lost in a new city.  You really want to get somewhere, but the terrain is totally new.  Sometimes you get really frustrated.  That’s a total pain.  But what’s even worse (and even dangerous) is that if you are lost beyond a certain point, you start to question the whole journey.

As soon as you get the RIGHT DIRECTIONS, everything changes inside of you.  You’re on your way again.  Even if you haven’t arrived there yet….When you have DIRECTION ….  you have hope.  And a new commitment to make it.

A lot of people feel LOST in their business.  They know they want to make money.  They know they want to help people.  But they don’t know the steps to take–and they’ve been floundering a long time.

I really want to help you change that.

This week I am going to reveal my WHOLE BUSINESS MAP on the 6 Steps to 6 Figures Webinar.

This is for those who have a passion for what they do, and a willingness to work for it (whiners need not attend) … but you need some direction.

I am well aware that I am revealing every secret I have.  I am letting you inside the VERY innerworkings of my business…and quite frankly, no one has been there but me, my husband and my personal coaches.

But it’s your turn.  It’s time for hope. And a new direction.

You can make 6 Figures this year.

Let me show you how.  See ya soon!

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A Special Message for My Facebook Friends

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A Heart Felt Thank You…In The Rain!

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The Permanent Change Event w Leslie Householder

My friend Leslie Householder & I got together this month…
and every time we do we have a LOT of fun … &  we decided to do another event together!

Check out this video we did in the kitchen of Bucca di Peppo!

The Permanent Change Event!

Tired of trying to lose weight every January?
Sick of being in debt year after year?
Want to heal what is broken … for good?

Stop inching along & making “small” steps …                                                                                         Learn the Laws & create BIG, SUDDEN Change… that’s permanent!

7-8:30pm June 23rd
Elite Optical
1635 N Greenfield Rd, Ste 136
Mesa, AZ

(We have VERY limited seating, please register EARLY! )


Watch this crazy, fun video that my husband David & I did while we were on Santa Monica Blvd …
(my husband is a hottie! :)

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