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How to Grow Up with Your Business


When you want to run a successful business YOU have to grow up with it.

You get to face every fear you have. All your insecurities rush forward. Your jealousy and blame patterns come to greet you & everyone who talks to you.

Your results reveal themselves clearly in black numbers on white screens.

Business is the best way to grow into your own fullest POWER and CAPACITY.

It is the great reflector of yourself, 2nd only to parenting.

If you suck at it, you know, because the zeros will tell you, and they can’t be ignored.

When YOU EXPAND, you’ll see it right away, because the growth will reflect that change in the balance sheets.

Every day your business asks you the same question: WHO do you want to be today?

And tomorrow, it will show you how you answered.

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Biz Tip: Let Go of People Who Are Not Your Ideal Customers

Let go of people

When you do any kind of marketing, you are always speaking to your ideal clients and customers, and no one else.

These are people who genuinely want to hear from you. They appreciate what you have to say.
They implement what you suggest.
And get success from what you are teaching or selling.

When you create anything for you business, have this group of people in mind.

New business owners, who are still weeding out doubt, often have the people in mind they are afraid of receiving critique from, instead of appreciation.

Never, ever, ever adjust your marketing to fit “non ideal” people lingering in your orbit (or your head.)

These people are not actually in the market for what you do and therefore not likely interested in what you have to say (which makes them common critics.) These can even be family members, friends or acquaintances.

Since this is not your crowd, why would you tailor what you do and say in order to please who aren’t interested in you? (That’s a low vibe game my friend without a victor.)

My unspoken agreement with the non-ideal people on my email list, social media streams, and live audiences:

I feel morally obligated to speak to my right match people all the time.

If you are *not* a right match person for me (and you’re here), I feel YOU are morally obligated to congregate in the places that genuinely fit for you.

We good?

Remember the certainty you have about what you do comes out in direct and indirect ways in everything you create.

The more solid you are in your own value, the more stable your business is going to be.

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Biz Tip: My Non-Stress Business Strategy

test the steps

Instead of overwhelming myself with too much to do…I developed a certain strategy in my business. I want to share it today, because when I am asked “How are you not stressed out & away from your family, while you run a business?” This is my answer.

FIRST, I identify the SUCCESS STRATEGY to Create What I Want.

It takes some time to come up with this.

I find myself going to people who have already been successful in what I want to build. I read the trends from the company, research experts, and look at the stats. As I make my plan, I run it by the most successful mentors I can get ahold of and get their advice.

I never let people advise me who haven’t ALREADY CREATED what I am creating. The well meaning, but under-qualified don’t have a vote.

I often draw on large sheets of paper on my kitchen counter or take a dry erase marker to the wall of mirrors in my bathroom. I start scribbling and mapping with squares and arrows and writing out the STEPS to get me there. I usually do this part alone because it probably looks somewhat mantic, lol, but mostly because I have to give it total focus. My whole mind and hands are engaged. I can go through a whole stack of papers, scribbling shapes, writing, re-writing, scratching it out freehand until it feels just right. I have to get inside the feeling of it. And then transfer that feeling into


As I get clear on those steps, I next create “check-points” for them.

Who am I going to engage at each of these points?

What are the “threshold points” to getting them accomplished?

What are the blocks that will stop this step from happening?

After I write it out, I go into the testing phase.

I make myself perform the steps over and over and over again, perfecting as I go. I do everything I ask other people to do.

I learn by DOING it myself–so THIS is essential.

And I look at the RESULTS along the way.

What are the conversion rates?

What works the best? What are the benchmarks and roadblocks?

Where does this fail? What could be better?

After I gauge the results, I go back and fine tune the steps.

So…develop an OVERALL STRATEGY. Then outline…

BASIC STEPS to Complete the Strategy.

Then I TEACH the steps and strategies to everyone in my organization.

I make sure the instruction is:

1. Easy to understand and can be re-explained in COMMON WORDS.

2. It’s simple enough they WILL ACTUALLY DO IT.

3. Everyone is CONNECTED to the TOOLS they need to ACHIEVE IT.

4. They RECEIVE an INCENTIVE for performing it (at least in the beginning.)

5. They can REPORT on their progress and get help when they need.

Then, as my teams run the strategy I ask them how we can make it better.

They are the very best advisors–and the people whose voice matters most!

I try to stay away from things that people can’t duplicate or teach themselves, don’t get overall results, brand-new things that aren’t well tested, or things that I don’t feel inspired to do…

Honestly, there are a LOT of things in my business that I don’t do.

But that’s important to me also.

LET GO of what doesn’t work for me or my family to follow hard after WHAT DOES.

I really feel that we can be successful at what we want when we understand THE SYSTEMS that create our success.

And we can break those systems down into MANAGEABLE Steps.

No one wants to achieve something great, and be worn thin and stressed out while they get there.

And most people don’t want to be led by someone who isn’t LIVING in a peaceful, happy, values-based manner.

At least for me, this personal business plan is what helps me create what I desire and show others … YOU CAN DO THIS, too!

and we can be HAPPY and solid along the way!

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It’s Your Time


A lot of people tell me they don’t feel qualified, or good enough, to follow their dream.

They want to write a book, but they don’t know if they have something valuable to say.
They want to start a business, but they don’t know if they;ll succeed.
They want to be a coach, but they didn’t get their degree, so they don’t feel qualified.

Because of their doubt, all these dreams get put on a shelf and saved for later and they won’t take them down until they have some guarantee they are good enough to succeed.

Your head is sabotaging you.

If you have THESE 3 THINGS, You already have what you need to begin.

1. DESIRE–and that is key. (Keep reading, more on this below.)
2. A KNOWING INSIDE that this is right for you, (and it’s alright if there’s fear around it.)
3. WORK ETHIC to take the right steps and hopefully, you get aligned with someone who has a MAP to show you the way.

That’s it, sunshine. That’s all you need to have to begin.
But for the natural mind, it’s not enough to satisfy the demands of your ego.

The ego wants some kind of certainty that this is going to work out and in that request, we are deeply mistaken because we are asking for something we only qualify ourselves to receive ALONG the way.

I doubt there has been anyone who created anything on the planet — who started with the certainty that what they were about to do was going to work who did not face doubts if they were good enough to do it.

We don’t even need these things — that’s just your head trying to hurt you.

Here’s what you really need instead.

1. DESIRE to rev up the machine and 2. WORK ETHIC to take us to the next steps.

For example, the DESIRE to be a coach causes us to share it with a few people and work ethic tells us, yes, it’s time to follow up with them. We get one client. They only want to trade services, not pay us. But as we trade services with them, we see that they got some positive changes from spending time with us and we lap up that evidence as validation that YES, we are on the right track and it’s time to put it into higher gear.

So, we share our coaching service with more people, and oh my goodness, even put it out there on Facebook in front of God and everyone that WE — DO — COACHING — for MONEY (gasp, I hope my relatives aren’t reading this!) and then we sweat for the next few hours until, oh hey, someone has messaged us and wants to pay us $50.

That’s 50$ of evidence.
They get good results.
More evidence.
We get more clients.
More evidence.

A few thousand dollars and some success stories later, and we’ve not only got some certainty, but we’ve got LAYERS to our CERTAINTY (from the results) and now, you’ve got yourself a business.

Did you start with all that confidence? No.
You gathered it.

You get it along the way and that’s why I am telling you, that DESIRE is enough to start the gears and WORK ETHIC will take you to the next steps.

If you feel a desire inside to write a book– THE BOOK wants to be created by you.
If you hear music in your head, THE MUSIC wants to be written by you.

The fact that you feel it inside, means that it wants to be born into the world.
Things are created SPIRITUALLY, and then they manifest PHYSICALLY.

There are a lot of book ideas that haven’t come to anyone yet, because there is no place for them in the world yet.


I got really serious in business about 5 years ago.

Here was my resume at that time.
1. Mom of 4 kids (who were amazing when they came to us.)
2. College Drop out
3. No Work Experience

Wow, the job offers were just pouring in… (I just threw up in my mouth.)
Okay, two things. DESIRE and WORK. I was willing to work and work and work and fail and work and try something without even the slightest awareness that it would succeed for me.

It was enough.

I was too ignorant to calculate if it was going to succeed or not, and no one was more surprised than me when people started following me and buying my stuff.

In the past five years, thousands of people all over the world have attended my trainings, joined my doTERRA wellness community and and I’ve had a close look into many of their lives.

I can tell you from a LOT of observation ….
PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO MOVE WITHOUT a guarantee, are the ones succeeding.

They work with abandon. They throw themselves IN and they’ll take action waaaaay before they feel qualified. I love that.

The definition of “courage” is “ALL HEART IN.”

One of my favorite examples of this is PETER from the New Testament.

He’s passionate, and a tiny bit reckless. He’s lover and a fighter.
He’s the guy without a plan, but when His gut tells Him to go, he moves.

I love that when the guards came for Christ, he got so upset that he lopped off an ear.

Never you mind that he had been told this was going to happen and there was a group of surely 
armed men around him, no…he just felt the passion of protection and the sword went flying.

I love that he fell asleep when Christ asked Peter to wait wait with him. The single most important event
in the history of the world is occurring a stone’s throw away and Peter’s catching some zzzzz’s.

I love that he denied knowing his leader three times and wept over it and still went on to lead the Christian movement.

Peter acts–sometimes without thinking, and things still manage to work out for him.

He is the most relate-able apostle, the leader for the everyday man and woman.
One of my very favorite parts about Peter’s life happened just before Christ left him in charge.
Here’s what went down..

After their leader’s death, they prepared the body, laid him in the tomb and in no less 
than 3 days, Peter said, “I’m goin’ fishing.” Several others followed him.

Maybe the crew didn’t know they were going to carry on his mission after he left, but once He was gone, they scattered.

Back on the boat, they fished through the night and caught nothing.

In the morning, a man called to them and said, “Children, did you catch

They hadn’t. The man (whom they still didn’t recognize) instructed them to cast the net onto the right side of the boat and their net was soon bursting with the amphibious prize.

And then … the revelation.

It was their Leader.
Christ was there.

Upon hearing this, Peter did something very amazing …very cool and SO VERY … um, PETER.
He grabbed his coat (he was naked) and….

He threw himself into the sea.
I had two thoughts when I read this.

1. I didn’t know that people fished naked.

2. I LoooooVE PETER.

The guy is just pure heart.
He recognized his LORD, and nothing could hold him back, not even freezing cold morning sea water.
I’m thinking Peter could have traveled a little faster to Christ rowing the boat, rather than swimming.

But calculated thinking at that one particular moment would have held back his first impulse,
which was to MOVE

LOVE, DESIRE, PASSION, COMMITMENT — It moves us to action.

The plans and guarantees come later. I don’t know all the reasons why did Christ chose Peter lead the church, especially with so much human-ness he seemed to carry. But I have to believe that HEART was a part of it.

He had a huge calling ahead of him and the point of this whole thing is that HE — WAS — ALREADY — QUALIFIED.
He didn’t know that in the beginning, but he didn’t need to know it. He was going to have his refining experiences and the evidence would come later.

He would succeed at what he came to do. But he didn’t know that either.
The steps would be revealed.

He would actually die during his mission, but he certainly didn’t need to know that.
(Good thing, because that could really mess with your head.)

It seems to me that on our earth journeys we are operating on a ‘need to know’ protocol.
What do you “need to know’ to get started?

1. Do you have a DESIRE?
2. Do you feel you are pursuing the right path for you?
3. Do you have THE NEXT STEP. (not the whole map, just the next thing you are to do.)

If you do, you’re good to go baby, so, stop sweating it, and don’t over think everything ,
or you’ll be stuck on a boat forever waiting for the plan, when the most exciting adventure is waiting for you at sea.

Peter’s calling showed up, and he threw himself into it.

He succeeded–because he was willing to GO when it was time.
So…If you’re calling is here … how about you?

It’s your day to take a dive.

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Master Class Oct 20th & 21st



You’ve been dreaming, planning and praying…and now, it’s finally time to get it done!
Register for my all-new LIVE master class on October 20th and 21st!

Oh and here are a few things I’ll help you do at the training!

>> Create a 60 Day Plan to outline exact steps to achieve your goal!

>> Make it air-tight! Be sure you have the very best tools & strategies.

>> Top #3 reasons why people fail & how to easily avoid it!

>> Get your spouse on board to support you (instead of question you!)

>> How to silence your nay-sayers in public and in your head!

>> Believe in yourself & stop doubting if you can do this — for good!

>> Get to High Production so you can go 100mph the moment you sit down to work!

>> How to dance right through those “drudgery tasks” you don’t want t (but you know they help you!)

>> Eliminate common distractions & time drains and keep a clear inner space!

>> Find the small windows of time in your day to work (you have them!)

>> Simple energy tools to help you stay at your highest vibe!

>> Best practices of busy entrepreneurs to keep your mind clear & body healthy!

>> Top #3 Mom Hacks to keep family running smooth while you’re in hyper drive!

>> The #1 thing to DO when you’ve lost your faith & you’re feeling low and all failure-ish and you need to get back up again!

>> How to delegate, hire help and say a polite “no” so you’re only doing the work that’s really yours to do!

This could be the day that changes everything!

$100 product give-away at the event!

I can’t wait to meet you, so register and then send me an email and say HELLO!

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3 Tips to Make Sales Faster and Easier

In this video, I’m bringing you a little tough love.

Like a friend who gives it to you straight in order to help you, I want to tell you if you don’t know how to sell, you’re probably not going to make it.

Sadly, sometimes people get so busy creating pictures and writing content, they forget to create CASH  — and you can’t pay your electric bill with likes.  >>

In this video, you’ll learn …

    *How to address fears when it comes to asking for the money
    *What to say in sales session
    *How to answer the tough questions
    *How to feel comfortable and confident in every situation

Plus much more.

You really can do this.  You can SELL and be great at it!  You need a little coaching and also a PLAN — one that will work and that’s customized for your business.

Create a "This Will Work" Sales Map for Your Business HERE

At this link, you can get access to a $1 guide that will reveal my four step process on crushing sales and make it fun. In fact, soon you may even ENJOY the “sales” part of business.

You can double your business in the next twelve months.
Or triple it.  You really can.  (I dare you!)

Happy Watching! 

Here’s that link again >>

Remember that over 80% of businesses fail in the first five years.

That’s not going to be you, because you do things like watch videos, download guides
face your fears, and work your bootie off!  Now, go get it!

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Travel Workout Tips


A fun little article…Happy Travels!

  1. Get active first thing in the morning. If you wait till your day gets going and everyone is up and around, it’s easy to set it aside, which means it may never get done.
  1. Keep with weight training, even if you don’t have weights and you have to do plyo-metrics or lunges, tearing down the muscle each day means your protein calories are going to good use
  1. Pack your best workout clothes. Look great feel great, play great.
  1. Play great music. Spotify baby! Get it. Browse the “get happy” playlist, then create your own personal playlists that are ready for you any time.
  1. Bring your supplements, essential oils, protein powders etc. Get travel sizes and keep them on hand and don’t abandon what makes you, “you” just because you’re in a new place.
  1. Plan ahead and stay full on healthy foods.

I could live on eggs and toast, salads and turkey sandwiches.

Even though I love all kinds of food, I always eat these first and stay full on my go to healthy favorites.

When it’s time for dessert, or dinner out, I can eat a little bit of whatever is there, but I’m never starving and so I don’t over eat.

Being hungry to save calories is a bad idea and set up for indulging.

Stay full on healthy foods and you never have that problem.

“When I keep my commitments to myself, I respect and trust myself.”

That’s the real reason to do anything.

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Biz Tip: Be Comfortable Being in a Process


What I have learned from creating many new products and programs is that you never feel ready.

And you never ARE ready–until you do it.

Most new things emerge first as rough and disassembled at first.

Eventually you bring order to chaos. You carve out the segments, refine the steps, put it in packaging and decorate the box. Usually you do it all over again for rounds 2, 3, and 4.

You’re never ready for any of it and you do it anyway.

Because DOING IT gets you ready.

This is where some perfectionists go mad. We see you all twisted up, devouring food, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills.

I know you want things to be orderly and just right and timed to the fairy tale calendar made in your mind.

If you are building anything, or even expanding it, it’s disorderly.

Learn how to be comfortable with things being in process.

That is a SKILL all its own and it will allow you to free up tons of emotional and mental energy so you can give all of it to what you’re creating.

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Join Me Live on Periscope!


Join Me Live on Periscope!

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Why I Want Your Business to Scare You Weekly

Jan 1 article

One of the best compliments I ever received was when my sales team leader said to me, “When I talk to you, I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

Awwww, really?
That’s soo sweet, thank you!

I totally meant it.

I got this compliment when I was asking her to run her own online events, and it was completely new to her. It scared her to death, so much that she felt nauseated when we talked about it. She was blocked in several different ways–technology; time on the phone; and teaching to people who weren’t in the room.

Until that point, she had been doing small events in person, but I kept having the feeling that the time had come for her to spread her outreach.

I can be very persistent when I get “that feeling.” Annoying, some might say.
But I don’t let go.

The value of having a mentor who knows you and watches over you, is that WE CAN SEE the GREATNESS in you–that you can’t see.

The job I do every day is INCREASE HUMAN PERFORMANCE–made possible by turning the gears of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

It might look like I sell stuff, but I don’t.
The real work I do is expanding people’s hearts and minds.
When you have a leader and a mentor who has a true vision of what their purpose is, they don’t focus on the object they are selling, they focus on the people they are working with.

We KNOW the MAP and the steps to help you SUCCEED.

And we’re watching over you and know when you’re ready to make the next move. Often we know it before you do.

So I love it when people tell me that they think they’re going to vomit when we’re laying out their next steps, because it tells me we’re right on track.

(Plus, the stomach area is where the energetic network of personal power resides, so when they move through this, they are going to attain a level of confidence they’ve never had before.)

What scares you the most?

Teaching in front of other people?
Going after the big sale?
Closing the deal?
Facing the conflict with someone in your network?
Saying “no” so you don’t hurt someone’s feelings?
Going after the unattainable achievement?If you’re working with me, I want you to be scared at least once a week, and if you’re all comfortable and cozy over there and half asleep under the covers, you and I aren’t doing what we came here to do.To those of you that I love (and sometimes nauseate,) here’s what to do when your’e feeling it.


Go directly into what scares you, because this is a place of accellorated growth. Trust that this feeling will exist for a time, but when you’re on the other side, it will be gone and YOU WILL OWN the GROWTH (and skills) achieved from the journey.


When we feel fear, sometimes the mind will employ a safety mechanism to avoid the feeling, and will distract and prompt us to go to WHAT WE KNOW.

For example, I coach a LOT of people who CREATE a LOT OF CONTENT, but they don’t make money.

They are ever-creating, and never selling because they have money blocks, personal value issues and they don’t know the metrics of selling their products and services.

When I say, “LEARN how to sell by selling $1,000 of what you have already created.”

They go create another program or write another book. (That they still don’t sell.)

Because they want to live inside the comfort of what they know, even if it’s killing them. LEAN IN.

Lean all the way in, and the more scared you feel, the more I want you to push yourself towards it.

Freedom is just after that.


Don’t medicate yourself.
When we feel uncomfortable, we go to what makes us feel good to ease the pain.

We jump on Facebook and get lost in other people’s lives. We eat.
We watch television.
We have sex.

We go to what will NUMB the feeling we have so that we can cope.

What are your drugs of choice?
Know that your mind is going to take you here and instead of medicating, SIT WITH THE FEELING YOU HAVE.

Take a walk and have a conversation with it.

Literally. Go talk to yourself.

Why do you feel afraid? Where do you feel it? What is this telling you?

You might discover the tightness in your throat is there because you’re afraid that people will mock you or not listen when you speak up, and it’s just trying to protect you from that pain.

HAVE A CONVERSATION with your experience. and don’t go numb.


All negative emotion has a script of some sort…

“If I am successful in business, I’m going to be a bad mom and leave my kids.” “If I teach a class, people might make fun of me.”

We create our lives according to our deepest beliefs.


I am working with a new leader who has achieved moderate success in her life, and is ready for more.

What’s stopping you? I said.
FEAR.“Write a list of your top 10 fears and then tell me why they’re false.”

She did. And realized that fear shouts like a child throwing a fit.
But when the ADULT shows up, it can calm the fear and find the truth and look at the child and see how young and immature it really is.


“As I am successful in business, I will be a better mom than I ever have been.” “When I speak, people value what I have to say.”

It is SO MUCH EASIER to pay attention to your fears, listen to what they are shouting and then re-program them.

Yes, if you feel afraid. GOOD.

If you’re scared to death–congratu-freakin-lations. You’re on the right track.

Keep going. Lean in.
Don’t hold back.

Everything you want is on the other side.

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