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Top 5 Essential Oils for Travel


We’ve all been there: the middle seat of an airplane.  No view out the window, no easy access to the aisle, and to make things worse, both fellow travelers have nasty coughs.

Ok, maybe we haven’t had that experience to the T, but middle seat or not, germs are in great abundance in airports and planes.  A renowned study found in the Journal of Environmental Health Research informs its readers that chances for catching a cold could increase 100 times in a plane than you would be living your typical lifestyle.

The last thing I want is to feel unwell on a business trip or family vacation! 

So, behold: the ultimate list of essential oil travel tips!  Actually, to avoid this post being several thousand words long, I will just make it my top 5. :)

Oil #1: doTERRA On Guard®.

On Guard acts as an immune booster.  This is a great one if you’re wanting to travel fear-free.  It’s especially great to have on hand when traveling during holidays in the winter when everyone seems to be under the weather.

Oil #2: Melaleuca

It calms minor skin irritations.  You never know what your skin will come in contact with when traveling!  This oil is a must have when using air-travel.

Mela. oil

Oil #3: Peppermint

Another point of focus when you travel is keeping it fresh.  Peppermint is practically synonymous with fresh.  It can help keep you awake simply by breathing it in, and it can keep you cool by adding a drop to your water or applying it to your feet or back of your neck.  It also can work wonders for your breath.  Sure is handy to have around, especially when you packed your toothbrush…who knows where?

Oil #4: doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend

After a long day of travel, nothing beats the feeling of a cool and soothing touch from a Deep Blue oil roller bottle.  It can relax sore and tense muscles after a long day’s travel.

deep blue touch

Oil #5: Lavender

Summer travel, or travel any time of the year means the sun is shining.  Lavender is amazing for soothing skin, especially after it has been exposed to some extra sunshine!

Traveling with essential oils has helped take a serious load off of my shoulders.  If you have yet to try essential oils, Click HERE to watch an INTRO webinar about essential oils!  If you have tried oils before: what oils are your favorite to travel with?

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My Kids Essential Oils Routine (I took these out of their room!)

How My Kids Use Essential Oils

How My Kids Use Essential Oils







I am creating a WELLNESS HOME for my family, because I want my kids to be bathed in everyday practices that are so familiar to them, THRIVING is a way of LIFE!
(we don’t just use essential oils when we’re sick, we practice wellness each and every day!)

If you’re a Madder, Feeling GREAT is a family standard!

I bet you want that for your kids, too!! So you’ll be interested in watching this video to see how
we have integrated essential oils into our family practices.

Direct Video Link:

My kids have picked up on it and now they DO IT THEMSELVES!

I went into their room to and grabbed their oils to create this videos :)
but I plan to have them back before they get home…

If you would like a free wellness consult where you can chat with someone and then get some samples of essential oils, please visit click HERE.  Direct link! >>



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Simple Things in Life

I think simple things have tremendous depth.

Looking someone directly in the eyes when you meet them…

Thanking someone sincerely for who they are in your life…

Listening with your whole body when someone speaks to you.

Hugging your child and pausing to breathe them in while you hold them…

So many simple things that make life rich, & full of loveliness if we are
PRESENT and attentive in each of our moments.

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Important Things to Nurture Every Single Day

Take care of the most important things in your life to secure HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

If we think we are too busy for these things, we may find that we achieved some of the what we wanted, but lost what mattered most.

4 DAILY RITUALS critical to lifelong happiness.


Everyone one of us has a Supreme Creator. This force of Life lives in us as our daily breathe. It is the be-all, end all of our existence. My experience of the Divine is Perfect Love.  There has never been a moment in His presence, that I have not felt loved, worthy, and good enough. Even as I’ve been corrected, I’ve been loved to the infinite extremes.

All the breaks in this relationship are our own. When we don’t feel good enough, worthy, or important we forget; we delay.  Even in our forgetting, He remembers, and calls out for us. The wind whispers His existence.  The lines in our palms point to Him. The moment we pause and look to home, the Heart remembers it’s Origin; it’s Supreme Creator.  In this marriage, the Divine and Us, we can have a perfect life–our our own version of it.


My recommendation is to do it in a way that you love. Don’t make it difficult. Is breathing hard for you? No, it’s the most natural thing in the world.  So is connecting to Him.  Don’t carry the belief that this must be formal, unusually long, or intensive, or you’ll delay and never get it done!  Even before my eyes open in the morning, my heart is reaching out for this.  As I sweep my kitchen floor, I am saying thanks to Him for my home and asking what’s next on my list for the day.  While I type this paragraph, or do a coaching call, a part of my mind is listening for the next words He has for me.

You are not alone.  The more frequently you reach to this Source, your moments becomes infused with Light that makes you happy and the power to do the things to accomplish your work here. You see that even taking a breathe is a spiritual experience.  MEDITATION, PRAYER, UPLIFTING MUSIC, READING HIS WORD, WALKING IN NATURE, and an open conversation that runs all day...He is ACTIVE and ENGAGING with YOU THROUGH all of those things.  And every single moment you spend with him, pays you back 10,000 fold.


How do you feel loved? It’s your responsibility to love yourself.  It’s no one’s job to love you.  They can, if they want to–but that’s none of your business. If you love yourself enough, you will naturally migrate to people who love and accept you.  If you don’t love yourself, and you are always trying to prove you’re good enough–you will migrate to people who criticize you and may at first seem to adore you, but turn easily at seeing your flaws.

If that’s your experience, you can change all of this.
And you can BEGIN right NOW, by LOVING YOURSELF.

How do you talk to yourself?  Some people are so abusive in their thoughts, that they wouldn’t treat animals the way they treat themselves, but the untrained mind has been abusing the self for years.nurturewhatmatters

There is no one who needs you more than you.
There is no one who deserves your love more than you do.

When you make the decision to love yourself, you will make healthy decisions. You find that you choose to be around people who protect you, not expose you. You find that you create a circle of friends who accept you, not gossip about you.

The beginning of this is YOU.

The ORIGINAL RELATIONSHIP–the one you are having with yourself, is the script writer for every other relationship you have in your world.

So, again, let me ask you the question:
How do you feel loved?

Know what that is, and then do those things.
Me? I love long bike rides, morning walks, and nice clothes. I spend money on them. Even when I didn’t have money, I was going to discount stores in my budget to find them on sale racks, because I felt good wearing nice clothes and I was willing to find a way to do what made me feel good. I have never regretted it.

I love candles, soulful music, sparkling water in long stem glasses, fresh fruit, pure lime juice, dark chocolate,
snuggling with my husband, a good daily dose of Gilmore Girls.  I do all of those things and rarely never let them slide.

It’s our privilege to create a life that WE LOVE.

That begins with a belief that we have permission to have that, and we have the power within to make it happen.

Once we have an unyielding commitment inside to love our lives, we can always find a way.


What is it like to have me as a mother?
I’ve asked myself this so many times.
What is it like from THEIR PERSPECTIVE?

When my kids think of me, I always want them to feel that they were loved, cherished and believed in.

I’ve learned that each of my kids have their own love language.
Each of them is different and it’s simply a matter of observing them, asking them questions, listening and training myself to follow through.

My 11 year old son loves snuggle with me in bed at night. His face lights up, his eyes gleam and when I hold him, I can feel his energy expand inside.

His brothers outgrew snuggling years before him, but I will let him fall asleep with me next to him as he will allow it.

It’s like both of us move towards wholeness inside. I feel like pieces of me are coming together. For him–it’s like his 11 year old DNA will carry the code, “I am loved.”

Every day I get to make these imprints in his experience.  Everyday I get to tell him that he is important and cared about.  Everyday I praise him and point out his good qualities in front of other people.  I try never to tear down his trust–no unkind words, no negative criticism, no teasing, no speaking of his past mistakes, no harsh tones in his behalf.

Sometimes I fail at this, but I apologize.

We are not too busy to be nice to people.  We are not too familiar with each other to think this isn’t necessary.  Yesterday I sent a text to my teenager, “I am thankful you are my son.”  He didn’t text me back :)  Maybe he never will.  But it was SENT, and that’s what matters.

Make dinner for your family, even a simple one.  Read scriptures with them.  Hold them at night.  Rub their back while you watch TV. Facebook message them that “they are awesome” if you have to.  Take your kids on dates.  Buy flowers for your wife.  Leave a note in your husband’s car thanking him that he goes to work everyday to take care of you. He doesn’t have to do that.  (Great men don’t grow on trees. If you are lucky enough to have one, tell him.)

It’s not just what it does for them, but what it does for US…We were created to love this way.
We find ourselves by loving others.


The body is the vehicle that makes your life possible.
The minute it gives out, your life ceases here.

The body will give back to us whatever we are giving to it.
If you we give it healthy food, it will give you energy and Life.
If you poison it with toxins, processed “food,” it will give you disease (and debilitation.)
We are slowly killing ourselves in socially acceptable ways.

Eat food as close to nature as possible.  The way it comes out of the ground, is the way your body wants it.
You don’t need what you think you need for lunch (a hamburger and french fries)–a salad, almonds, glass of water, and an orange or two
is plenty of food to keep you energized and going for several hours.

When you listen to your body (and not your eyes), you will give your body what it needs.
When you give your BODY what it needs—it will give you what you want–
Energized life and long-time health.

The best secrets to weight loss are not secrets at all–burn more calories than you consume each day.

AND…Get up and move!! 
Exercise 3-5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes is a basic standard that anyone can do!

Studies have shown that people who practice these SIMPLE PRINCIPLES can increase their life span and much higher energy than those who don’t.

If we have created the story that we are too busy to exercise and too stressed out to eat well,
then who is going to do it for us?

No one is coming to save your sinking ship, but you.
You are not too busy to take care of the vehicle that makes your whole life possible.

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My Life as the Mother of Robin and the Hood (a true story)

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. And a glimpse into life as the mom of a free-spirited teenage boy.

My daughter, Analiese and I were coming home from a Girl’s Trip to the Mall around 1pm in the afternoon,
when I got a text from my husband.

David: Where are the boys?
Me: Jordan is at work, Isaac is at Sammy’s, Chase (age 15) is blowing with the wind in the neighborhood with his friends.

To my total surprise, just then, Analiese, pointed to the parking lot. “Mom, look, it’s Chase and Syd! (his friend.)”

I guess the wind blew him to the mall.

Chase and Syd ran over to the truck, opened the door, and said,
“Mom, can you drop us off at Harkins Theaters for the movie?”

“Sure, jump in,” I replied.

As they climbed in their seats, Chase said, “See Syd. Jesus is taking care of us.”

He turned to me to explain.  Jesus has been good to us. We just found a pack of mints on the ground.”

I practice open-listening with my kids which is when I mostly just listen and don’t say things back so that they feel safe talking to me.  Even if I am thinking something like, “Did you REALLY eat mints off the ground?  And so, please don’t give Jesus the credit for that!”

Instead, I said nothing, but Chase seemed to sense my unspoken reaction, “They weren’t opened. So that really was Jesus.”

Then, my mom brain started to do it’s thing.

I had concerns (other than eating mints off the ground.)

I asked them, “How did you get here!? I thought you were hanging out in the neighborhood?

“A man dropped us off,” he said, while he threw himself into the front seat, with his legs still dangling in the back.

He flung open the center console and the glove compartment and started to rummage through it wildly.

“A man dropped you off?  A man?” I said, done with open listening for the day.


Yeah, he laughed, Syd’s dad.”

Okay, question one was complete. But there were more.

“What move are you going to?”

“The Crood’s,” he said, frustrated as he tossed around all the papers and objects in both compartments, his upper body bouncing while I drove over the speed bumps.

Then he said impatiently, “Where are the lighters that were in here?”

“No, Robin.” (My husband nicknamed Chase and his friends, “Robin and the Hood.”) 
You may not have any lighters.”

Mom, no seriously, I have to have the lighters. You don’t understand, it’s like a must, like it’s mandatory.”

“No.” I said without any emotion. “No way.”

He rolled his eyes as if to say, “are you seriously that dumb?” like I just asked if Santa Clause was real.

He tried to make his case. “We are not going to light things on fire, we are making “shock pens’ and we need the things that make pens shock and we can get them from the lighters.”

Well, there aren’t any in here, I said. (Thank goodness.)

Next question: What movie are you seeing?

The Crood’s.

Are girls going to be there?  (this is not allowed at our house until a certain age.)

No, said Chase.

Syd piped up from the back for the first time and said: “Oh my gosh, that’d be so cool.”

Chase laughed.

Mom: Who are you meeting there?

He replied, “A man.”


A man?” I said. (not this again?)

Chase laughed, “Syd’s uncle.” We pulled up to the curb of the movie theater and they opened the door.

“Mom, we have to go,” he said, agitated, impatient.

Do you need money?

Umm, I don’t know. He looked at Syd, “Do we need money?

I guess some people don’t think of those kinds of things when the wind blows you around and Jesus drops free mints on the ground.

Syd said, “No, I think my uncle can pay.

I pulled out my wallet, “Take this?” I gave him a re-admit pas I had on hand.

Final question: “How are you getting home?  Or is Jesus handling that?”

He smiled, “If Jesus doesn’t, I’m sure a man can take us home.”

“Just what every mother wants to hear….a man can drive you home.”

Syd piped in for a 2nd time, “I’m sure my uncle can.”

If either of them don’t, call me and I’ll pick you up.”
The talk about going to the mall without letting us know first was coming later.

They closed the door and ran inside with a free ride, free mints, a free movie pass … and no lighters.

Robin and the Hood was alive and well this fine Saturday afternoon.

Remind me to tell you about the time they spelled their name on the side of the house
with hairspray and tried to light it on fire. (See why I was concerned about lighters?)
or when five of them grabbed hammers and knocked down our entire play-set and then
smashed it into kindling because they said it wasn’t “Sturdy enough” for young kids to play
on anymore….or when David couldn’t find him anywhere and discovered he had a little
perch on the roof where he liked to sit at night. Or when he found a bag of flour and put it
inside of a gym sock and swung it around all over the house and the back yard just
see what would happen.  Or when they wanted to see how far they could jump their bikes in
the air, and chose blue cans of paint to jump over.  This did not go well for the driveway or
for Chase who spent hours scrubbing it.  They chose wood the next time.

I have more. But I”ll save those for later…

I am beginning to think he is right.  I really do think that Jesus is taking care of him. And that is probably why he’s still alive.

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Hey Crazy…Stop Stressing Out!

Once I decided never to let what I am doing in the future, effect my happiness RIGHT NOW, my stress went away.

It was just a decision….A decision to be in this moment, perfectly happy, doing whatever it happened to be.  Suddenly, it was like an invisible, but real wall formed around me and stress and pressure couldn’t get inside anymore.  I mean I saw out there, as an option, but I could see what it was, and realized that I didn’t want it.

Soon, I noticed that other people’s expectations of me, that used to feel like needles pricking my soul, were also living outside that barrier, and I was inside doing what *I* wanted, in a way that felt right for me–noting to prove, nothing to conquer, just BEING HAPPY, being super productive and loving every moment of it.  My soul found a home.

Why should next week or tomorrow stress me out when TODAY is
completely clear? (plus stress wrinkles your face :)

I am always going to have a lot to do.  And I am ALWAYS going to be building new things.
It’s just my nature, and it’s probably never going to change.

SO….Why not enjoy all of it?  I AM THE ONLY ONE that can learn to feel good here in my life
every day.

It’s silly to work to create all that you want out of life and not be totally happy WHILE YOU ARE IN IT.

I used to think I needed to have just a little more time to get things done…”if I just had a little more time, a little more success…then this will all feel “enough,” then I will have made it.”

Then I realized, I needed BETTER SKILLS to manage my LIFE in a way that I could be PRODUCTIVE … and also HAPPY RIGHT NOW.


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Ask for the Love You Want

Let me guess… You’ve done all kinda of things to get people to love you.
…Dropped all kinds of hints.
…Made them feel guilty by sharing your hurt feelings.
….Pouted about it by giving the silent treatment.
….Maybe even shouted at how insensitive they are.

Why not just ASK FOR IT?

And leave it at that.
They’ll say yes, or say no (or show you it’s ‘no’), and that’s that.

Bottom line, it’s better to be honest.
And it’s better to be emotionally grounded enough to handle the truth. Either way, you’re better off with the honesty. And be courageous enough, and mature enough, to handle their honesty, too.


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short, SWEET


Inspiration for Busy



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How I Organize My Kitchen Desk … and Keep the Family Flowing

Here’s a little video to increase your organization, family flow (and sanity!)
And my “secret solution” to solve the problem of never finding a pen to write with! :)

Come inside my kitchen ….


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Mom Moments…Dropping Off One Dirty Sock to School

Some days as a mom are just downright unpredictable.

And weird.

And un-explainable. And it’s like a mother-hood boat just tows you along on a very strange course and you barely even notice how odd it is until it’s far far too late.

Last Thursday was the perfect example.

I got a call from my son at school, which went something like this:

Son: “Um, mom, I only have one sock with me at school. Can you bring me another one?”

I am not an after-the-fact question asker.  His father is the inquisitive one and would have asked the first obvious question like, “Why do you only have one sock on at school?”

Not me.  I just move forward with the current reality, however odd it might be, which often serves for a clear mind–but can also leave gaping questions un-answered.

Me: “Can you just go without it today?”

Son: “Um, no, that’s really uncomfortable.  Can you please please bring me one?”

Me (Looking at the clock): “Well, yes. The bell is about to ring. Stay out front so I don’t have to come inside.”

Son: “Okay, great.  Thanks, mom.  I’ll be waiting for you.”

I looked down and realizing that I was wearing sweaty workout clothes and no bra.  In the odd chance I did have to go inside the school, I decided to throw something else on.  This left me with very little time, so instead of walking upstairs to his drawer, I grabbed a sock from the floor and ran out the door.

As I pulled into the school, it was clear that the bell had already sounded and he was nowhere in sight.  I looked down more closely at the cargo I was carrying.  It was a very dirty sock.

I look at the school.  I have few options.  I have a coaching call soon, so I decide not to go home for a clean one. I scan the car for some kind of bag to put it in.  Nothing.

I open the glove compartment and find a make-up bag.

Decision time: Which is more uncomfortable for a kid in Junior High?

A. To have one dirty sock dropped off at your desk  OR                                                         

B. To have a dirty sock dropped off at your desk inside of your mom’s make up bag.

Neither of these options seem that “cool.”  Then I spot an un-opened 3-pack of Chapstick with large square cardboard packaging at the top.  It’s better than the make-up bag disguise….So I fold the package of Chapstick around the dirty sock and tote the concealed item into the office.

I say hello to front office clerk, plop the roll onto the counter and the dirty sock falls out of a package that was never meant to contain it.

PAUSE.  How does a nice girl like me get here?  Doing weird things…like dropping off one dirty sock to her kid at school?  The office clerk looks at me inquisitively.  I look at myself and totally laugh.

“Can you take this to my son in room 308?”

“Uh, yes,” She smiles with one raised eyebrow.

“It’s a long story…And kind of weird,” I say, shaking my head now totally laughing at myself as the full picture hits my brain screen.

She smiles and says, “No problem.”

I smile and realize that this day has just started….

There are a lot of “weird” things you do as a mom and strange places you are willing to go for your kids with a lot of hope that all that effort will add up to one whole person..

…who is hopefully wearing clean socks (or at least one.)




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