Get a Life … and Stop Waiting for People to Give You a “Calling”

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What are you CALLED to?

Every person on the earth has a CONTRIBUTION they are here to make. They have a gift inside of them that’s wrapped in the perfect packaging for someone else to receive that will create a positive change in that person’s life.

This is truth and it cannot be debated.  I call it, The Law of the Gift.

Just like The Law of Gravity holds you here on this planet, the Law of the Gift, holds you to something higher.

It is fundamental. Existential. A Total Absolute. 

The problem is that we are so busy just trying to survive that we can’t see it. We live only for ourselves, only for this day, only to make it to the end of the day.

The other problem is that we get very very confused when we are soaked so deeply in insecurity, that we can’t see straight.

Recently, I coached a woman who said, “I feel like I cannot share my voice with others, because I am afraid of what they will think of me.”

This woman has been trapped inside of her house for a long, long time. Her fears had literally “shut her in” and shut her down. It’s wonderful to be a person that stands for truth and stands for it in such a way that you will tell the truth to people even when the mind will tell you it’s difficult, or even rude, to say.  Here she was tender, vulnerable, and frightened.

“Being nice” to people is not what I get paid for.

I loved her. And I loved her enough to tell her the truth.

I said, “How is that the most selfish thing in the world?”

She paused. No answer.

I asked another question, “How is that belief making this whole thing all about you, and the most selfish thing you can say?”

No response. I didn’t know what was happening on the other end of the phone. She could have dropped it in the toilet for all I knew.

Oh well. I continued anyway ….

“You’re making this whole thing about you,” I said. “And you’ve closed in on yourself in the process.”

“Listen to it again”

I am afraid of what THEY will think … of ME.”

“This is self-oriented in every way. When you heal your own insecure beliefs about yourself, you can be free to LIVE and SPEAK and SHARE as you feel it will best benefit others. When you really love people, and all you want to do is help them get better, YOU WILL SPEAK. And if they love you or hate you, it won’t matter to you. Because it has nothing to do with you anyway.”

I challenged her to take a few small simple steps to share her voice.

I haven’t heard from her since.

Insecurity is pure, plain selfish state of being. It’s not about you.

You have gifts inside to share with other people and you’ll be happier if you get up and yield yourself to it.

If you keep waiting for someone to give you a calling, you’ve given your LIFE MISSION to someone else. If you think you’re kids are your only purpose and their is nothing else for you, they are going to one day want you to get your own life and you’ll have no idea what to do.

If you are waiting for people to validate you, encourage you or tell you that you’re good enough, you’re still curled up in a womb on insecurity waiting to be born.

Get a life. Really. Get up, ASK GOD to reveal your PURPOSE to you and show you the next step.

One step after another and you’ll get there, but it won’t unfold for you until you’re feet hit the pavement, I can promise you that. You’ll see ONE STEP ahead of you and if you are one of those people that want the entire plan to unfold before you move, time to get out of YOUR HEAD, because that’s not how we do it here.
You get ONE day. One Step. One moment…and then the next opens up for you.

THIS IS THE DAY GOD MADE for ME (Psalms 118:24) 

I love this verse, I LIVE THIS VERSE.

This is the day for me.

This is the day I can make a difference here.

This is the day I get to speak and share.

This is the day the world get better because of me.

This is the day, THIS … is … MY Time …



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