15 Signs that You Are Spiritually Awakening

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1. You feel love for no reason.  181047_10151494654802390_970637997_n


2. You like yourself. You’re kind to yourself. You accept yourself and where you are in your life. You don’t think about your past mistakes (unless to make amends) and you forgive yourself for your own human nature. You laugh at yourself a lot, don’t try to hide your flaws, and don’t take yourself too seriously. You don’t feel angst for not being at a different place in your life than where you are.

3. You are accountable for yourself.  You don’t think people owe you things, and you feel capable to create things for yourself. You’ve forgiven your old debts and grievances. You stop believing that people have hurt you or done wrong to you and instead see how you have done those things to yourself.  You feel love and gratitude for the people you once thought wronged you and grateful for the full spectrum of the things you’ve learned.

4. You feel very connected to the Divine, and see God Source as a loving power who always has your best interests at heart, and wants your happiness.  Your vision expands and you are able to see the Divine Source in all things.  You are able to see this Force working in your behalf continually even in the smallest of ways.  Things that once seemed random to you appear to be Divinely delivered.

5. You are accepting of others.  You honor the agency of all people to believe and act according to what they feel is right for them.  You do not feel your beliefs or way of life is superior to others, but a matter of personal choice, and a gift for every person given to them by God.  You do not exert your will over others, or seek to manipulate or control in any way.  You get involved in people’s lives only when invited or inspired and all your actions are for the happiness of the people involved, and not to exert your own will.  You do not play God and pretend to know what is right for other people, but live inside your own boundaries, of what is right for you.  You do not gossip or talk about other people when they are not around.

5. You don’t see “bad” people, you just see PEOPLE learning a variety of things in various time frames. You don’t see “bad” events, you just see EVENTS delivering multiple opportunities. Some things that you once felt were frustrating or annoying might even be entertaining when you think of them.  People and behaviors that used to annoy you sometimes seem adorable to you.  Other people’s behaviors don’t trigger negative or unhappy responses in you.

6. You see the purpose of your life is to learn.  You stop telling stories where you are wonderful and other people are terrible and if you tell stories at all about yourself, they are mostly about what you learned, and how the experience changed you for the better.  When people are angry or unkind to you, you sometimes feel compassion for the pain they are in and do not see it as personal attack.  You are open to learning and becoming better than you are and do not act with defense when people give you feedback.

7. You often think differently than people around you, but you don’t seem to mind.  You sometimes say weird things like “holding space” … “karma” … “light” and “energy.”  You seem to have a deeper sense of things that you don’t see with your eyes.

8. You can’t remember the past very well and your not overly worried about the future.  You don’t get upset about things you can’t control like gas prices, the weather, or other people. You appreciate life each day and small moments can bring deep joy, and tremendous peace for no specific reason.  When you take action, you are not attached to results or outcomes, and do not need things to turn out a certain way for you to feel happy and satisfied.  It is hard to disappoint you.

9. You’re happy a lot. You smile a lot.  You laugh a lot.  You overlook negative things and flaws, and sometimes don’t even see them.  When you feel negative or stressful, you notice it and you begin to use the tools you have to change your position.

10. You are not concerned with getting credit or recognition for what you do.  You are delighted to hold other people up above you.  You do not exaggerate your accomplishments and often do not feel the need to speak of them.  You are not competitive with others, and you are happy when good things happen to other people, and like to share their good news.

11. You want real relationships and meaningful interactions. You have little concern about what other people think of you, and perhaps little awareness at all.  You are, however, very aware of what you think of yourself.  You are more concerned with how things feel to you inwardly, rather than how they appear outwardly.  You care much more about the experience people are having with you, rather than how you look to them.  You stop investing in relationships that you used to hold up just for the appearance of it.  You want real relationships, real friends, deep interactions that have true meaning, and you sometimes find these outside of your old social circles.

12. You have a deep trust in the future and in life itself.  You don’t use your mind to work everything out.  You don’t feel a lot of stress and anxiety. You seek for Higher Source and deeper senses to reveal the next steps and the path of your life, and generally trust that things will turn out for your good, even when it seems sometimes that they aren’t going to.

13. You are invested in the good of the whole. You think about the impact that your actions have on the universe around you.  What you think, what you say, what you do, are things you consider.  You want your actions to have a positive impact on many, not just yourself. You have a greater appreciation for nature, the physical body, the earth, even animals, and you want to live in harmony with living things.

14. You are grateful for your possessions, but not overly attached to them.  You don’t feel defined by what you have or don’t have.  You don’t talk about your stuff a lot, and don’t add personal meaning to it.  You may have a lot of money or a little money and you don’t see either as good or bad.  At times, you may spend a lot of money on caring for yourself and not feel guilty about it. You do not feel inferior around people who appear to have more than you, and you do not feel superior when it seems you are the one who has more.  You generally don’t notice these things.  You see money as a neutral tool to creation. You are grateful for what you have and feel capable to create and care for yourself and others in your stewardship.

15. You lose some social propriety.  You hug strangers for no reason.  You may give money, flowers, or food randomly to people you’ve never met before.  You talk to people like you’ve known them for years even if you just met.  You feel interested, even fascinated in people who are totally different than you and you love to experience new ideas and new people. You listen to other people with deep interest. You may also spontaneously dance in public. (Although this might be just my thing and maybe personality style.)

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