arrow I’m Heather Madder, and I personally guide people who have a gift, talent, service, or product that Improves People’s Lives.

My Life’s Work is to help you be happy, profitable and free… at Your Life’s Work. I am here to teach you how to reach as many people as possible, in the most effective ways, and stay purpose driven, and deliciously happy while you do.

You get to be true to yourself (your real self), the people you love, and the God of your understanding as you move forward in passion and power.

After people coach with me, they often end up making a lot more money, too. When you give the world YOUR BEST GIFTS… It pays you back the HIGHEST VALUE.

I Am Here to Help You…

Wake Up to Who You Really Are and Build a Life Around Your Purpose
Develop Your Talents and Release them Into the World on a Large Scale
Ignite Your Life with Passion and Purpose
Set a Plan to Dramatically Increase Your Income

Create Success on Your Own Terms
Learn Top Business Tools to Make Work Faster & More Efficient
Overcome Road Blocks and Broken Beliefs Stopping Your Progress
Connect You to Support Systems and Structures

Live in Peaceful, Stress Free, Productive Ways
Keep Your Love Relationships Strong and Purpose-Filled




Let me tell you how I got started…I am a stay at home mom of four inspiring children and married to my soul mate, David. For five years, I worked part time as an author, public speaker and talk radio host teaching spiritual principles to thousands of people…but my business was barely paying its bills. I didn’t see my own blind spots. I had a lot of talent & passion, but I had no idea how to run a business and I had poverty programs inside keeping me stuck.

One day I had a mentor walk into my life and open the door to the business world. I began to see that because I could not run a business that made money, I was in a box and reaching very few people. I finally told the truth to myself. My business is broke because I don’t believe I have enough value. All of that was about to change.

I happen to be hired as a spiritual life coach to 5 different business executives and in turn, a few of them became my business mentors.  They loved the life coaching I was offering them and wanted to teach me how to increase my own business so I could reach more people.

For 14 months, I became a dedicated and serious student of business, internet marketing, social media, systems, and client fulfillment. I soaked in everything I could and then I implemented it around my family-first, God-centered life. I dug deep into my own beliefs and I started to VALUE MYSELF.

While still staying at home working part time, I soon began to sell tens of thousands of dollars of products & coaching by implementing internet marketing tools & systems. Within 12 months, I had sold over $125,000 of products and programs, and that was just the beginning. Every year, I would experience increase through new systems and strategies.

Eventually, I also built a record-breaking sales team with essential oils and wellness products. Today that team is approaching 50,000 customers (and growing rapidly) with over 72% of people staying with us month after month. I discovered a deep love of LEADERSHIP and helping people to find their sacred gifts by genuine service-centered care for others. I became obsessed helping new business owners LOVE THEMSELVES and see their own potential. As my love and service to others grew, so did my income.

When I got to $47,000+ a month, I began to feel so incredibly free. I could travel with my family, take time off and had no problem hiring people to do mundane things like mailing my books out and folding my laundry.
Business didn’t take me away from my family, it brought us closer together!

This journey brought me into a more intimate relationship with God. He became my true partner and guided and directed all of my moves, leading me through daily insight and inspiration. As the momentum continues to climb, my gratitude flows like a river, spilling over with love and praise.

Now, all I want to do is help you. I’ve created some things to get you going, so stop on over at the store and take a look around.



BUSINESS with Heart

My personal mission is to help create a world where we are free from our lies and limitations and we are WIDE AWAKE, living from our highest, most beautiful selves.

In this world, Peace, Love, Consciousness, Joy & Prosperity are an everyday state of being.

I am committed to this movement & I invite you to join me.

If you want to play, you get to bring passion, drive and commitment.

Some people call all this stuff we do, “business.”

But it’s more like … CONSCIOUS CREATION.

It’s a sure-fire way to change the world in a big way.
So, bring your fire, baby.

Let’s see what we can build together…

Peace and Love, heather

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